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NFV in the News


The rapidly evolving Network Functions Virtualization space seems to be changing daily.  The leading industry publications are doing a great job of helping the market understand what it means to virtualize networks and functions. But with news available in all corners of the web, we thought we’d make it easier on you and pull together a collection of viewpoints/news/update/announcements from many different sources.


This week’s update is below.  Please let us know if we missed something important, and join the conversation in the comments of this post or on Twitter using #OpenNFV.



“NFV, already being widely deployed into service providers, will make its way into ‘classical’ enterprise networks without the need for any SDN refresh (which, curiously, may require new hardware).” - Top IT Predictions for 2015


“6WIND is an HP OpenNFV Program technology partner, which provides it access to HP’s open standards-based NFV reference architecture and HP industry-standard products and capabilities, enabling it to quickly develop applications for cloud-enabled NFV deployments.” – 6WIND Demonstrates Virtual Accelerator for NFV Infrastructure at HP Discover


“Because network appliances are already based on standard server hardware with applications that are designed to run on x86 CPU architectures, they lend themselves very well to virtualization.” – Ensuring SDN and NFV Performance for a Future-Proof Network


Open Architecture:

“Hewlett-Packard is working with Wind River, a unit of Intel that provides an implementation of Linux that is widely used by telecommunications carriers today, to create a framework for managing NFVs based on the OpenStack cloud management framework.” – OpenStack to Drive NFV Management


“Virtualization represents a game-changer in IT infrastructure planning, operations, and management as major components (servers, desktops, storage and even entire data centers) are virtualized.” - Network functions virtualisation to lower IT costs for companies



“As operators embrace network function virtualization (NFV), we found that 76% of operators need an orchestration system that can manage services that consist of both NFV and traditional network elements.” – Fixing the Enterprise Challenge


“You can rapidly, flexibly create service chains without going through a hardware management process, which means that you can go from concept or customer request to implementation in a much more competitive timeframe.” - Changing network architectures and cultures, part 2 – NFV and the IoT


Carrier Grade:

“In the middle of 2015, HP will begin offering pre-configured, carrier-grade cloud packages based on its Helion OpenStack distribution, featuring NFV tools from Nokia.” - HP to Offer Nokia’s NFV on Helion Cloud


“OpenStack already has "flavors" with a range of distributions that add other tools and proprietary code to the common core. In this respect, OpenStack is a bit like Linux, and, like Linux, the number of distributions will shrink back in a few years' time.” - Embracing OpenStack


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About the Author


Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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