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NFV in the News


The rapidly evolving Network Functions Virtualization space seems to be changing daily.  The leading industry publications are doing a great job of helping the market understand what it means to virtualize networks and functions. But with news available in all corners of the web, we thought we’d make it easier on you and pull together a collection of viewpoints/news/update/announcements from many different sources.


This week’s update is below.  Please let us know if we missed something important, and join the conversation in the comments of this post or on Twitter using #OpenNFV.



“Virtualized networks with virtual functions running on standard platforms require hardware systems that integrate more than a standard server processor.” - SDN/NFV Pushes the Boundaries for Multicore Processors


“OPNFV will work closely with ETSI’s NFV ISG, among other standards bodies, to drive the consistent implementation of an open and standard NFV reference platform.” - OPNFV: An Open Platform to Accelerate NFV


Open Architecture:

“One key difference is that while data center virtualization tends to rely on a centralized architecture, NFV calls for a distributed one…” - Why Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Calls for a Distributed Network Architecture


“NFV Phase 2 is now well underway. This new phase of work will include both normative and informative content. Adding normative requirements will provide the clarity required for interoperability and formal testing. Another key element of Phase 2 will be to work more closely with other standards bodies to help focus their work and to avoid duplication…” - ETSI NFV Group Publishes Specifications



“With the introduction of clouds and new requirements to support IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and support distributed applications, a need for a new breed of orchestrators has arisen. Such orchestrators now need to support diverse operations.” - TOSCA and YANG for Application and Network Orchestration


“NFV orchestration is still at an early stage of development, with many vendors testing out their ideas with their customers, and developing concepts based on their existing network management, cloud management and operations support system (OSS) assets…” - Heavy Reading report explores NFV and MANO markets


Carrier Grade:

“Several vendors have traditionally provided carrier-grade versions of their standard enterprise servers. Both Dell and HP have 2U rackmount carrier-grade servers with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors.” - The Network Appliance Platform: More Than a Carrier-Grade Server


"As service providers begin considering their deployment strategies, one of the first issues they will face is a platform decision: Adopt a carrier-class or enterprise-class virtualization solution for their NFV infrastructure? Many operators associate NFV with enterprise-class software and might be tempted to go this route, but enterprise software can’t deliver some of the most essential reliability and cost characteristics needed for carrier-grade networks.” - Carrier-Grade Reliability—A “Must-Have” for NFV Success

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