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NFV in the News


It’s an exciting time to be in the networking industry, and network functions virtualization (NFV) is one of the most dynamic spaces. Let's take a look at recent news in NFV to see how the ecosystem is evolving.



  • Cloudifying telcos to battle OTTs: According to James Nunns at Computer Business Review, “telecom companies have a fight on their hands with OTTs, the more agile…are able to significantly cut into the profit margins of the legacy system burdened telco giants.” Read the full article.
  • ICYMI: Group issues open source NFV app to spur expansion: “Following eight months of development,” writes SearchSDN, “the Open Platform for NFV Project released software aimed at helping companies build network functions virtualization (NFV) products and services. The software, OPNFV Arno, provides code that can support the use of NFV infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components of ETSI's NFV architecture.” Read the article in SearchSDN.
  • Open Source Groups Release SDN and NFV Software: Virtualization Review covered the Open Networking Foundation’s upcoming release of Atrium, which will fill in “a few missing pieces of functionality that can tie separate SDN components together in an effort to ease adoption of the new technology.” Read the article.


  • Many telecom operators are planning NFV deployments this year: A report from IHS found that “35 percent of telecom operators are planning to deploy NFV this year, yielding yet more evidence that despite its still nascent nature, carriers are moving rapidly toward NFV and virtualization platforms.” Read the article in RCRWireless.
  • Choosing a Technology Supplier? Consider Changing Your Selection Criteria: Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading explains why new networks need new rules. According to Saunders, “one of the most eloquent, and elegant, explanations of the different degrees to which it's possible to implement NFV virtualization that I've heard this year comes from Saar Gillai, SVP & GM for NFV at HP…Gillai describes NFV evolving in four phases, or steps, each of which deliver incremental benefits, from reduced opex, all the way up to facilitating an agile services environment that encourages speedy development of new and innovative applications and services.” Read the article.
  • Defining Use Cases & Business Cases for SDN: Light Reading delves into one of the hottest topics in carrier SDN this year: use cases. Light Reading asked survey respondents to identify the first use case for their networks. Network virtualization was the big winner, with nearly one third of the votes. Virtual private cloud and bandwidth on demand formed a second tier. Read the article in Light Reading.


  • The New IP Agency Is Born at BTE: Ray La Maistre at Light Reading dives into the New IP Agency (NIA), which is set to launch in early 2016. According to Light Reading, EANTC believes the NIA can help make sense of the standards muddle by providing an independent online resource that acts as a forum and a one-stop shop for the industry to learn about and debate the standards work. Read the article in Light Reading.
  • We Is Us — OPNFV & ETSI Accelerate NFV Adoption: Marc Cohn from Light Reading discusses the many groups associated with NFV and SDN. What is the role of open source in NFV? “OPNFV has altered the model for traditional open source projects…Prodip Sen (HP), Chairman of the Board for OPNFV and the first ETSI NFV ISG Chair commented ‘Our primary goals for creating OPNFV were to accelerate implementation and interoperability’.” Read the article in Light Reading
  • Why So Many SDN Groups? Light Reading asks whether there are too many standards and open source groups surrounding SDN. Are they getting in each other's way? How can service providers keep up? Elizabeth Coyne of The New IP kicked off a discussion during the ONF/SDN Workshop preceding Light Reading's Big Telecom Event. Read the article.

Let us know if we missed something important, and join the conversation in the comments of this post or on Twitter using #OpenNFV.


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