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Next Generation Customer Experience Management systems

The telecommunications business faces many challenges these days. The combination and the exponential growth of mobile traffic has put a lot of pressure on Telecommunication networks. The combination of traditional sources of revenue declining, of exponential growth in data traffic, of the increasing network complexity (4G, 3G, 2G, WiFi, Femtocell, etc.), and the exponential growth of services and connected devices are overwhelming the company’s ability to provide high-quality service assurance—a situation that can damage customer relationships and increase churn.

In this new scenario, tradition service assurance approach where the user experience is managed by the monitoring the network is not anymore successful. The equation: Good network SLA = Good Services is not anymore valid. In the hypercompetitive telecommunication world of today, to meet increasing customer expectations, Service Providers must shift their focus from monitoring and manage network SLAs to monitoring and managing the end-to-end service quality as it is perceived by the final user: the customer Quality of Experience. Service providers’ service assurance organizations must facing the well-known litany of the challenge to move from SLA to QoE.

In this transition, big data plays a double role: from one side the explosion of the data to manage is a big threat, but from the other side big data and the statistical techniques to manage and analyze them, presents for Service provider organizations not only the great opportunity for growth, but also the biggest challenge to better optimize and automate  their business processes

This article will explore how the combination of big data and advanced analytics can dramatically transform network problem identification (root cause analysis) and solving (Solution recommendation) from a manual and time consuming process to an automatic and actionable one.


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Andrea Fabrizi
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." (Mark Twain)
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I’m the Director of the Big Data and Analytics solution family for the Telecommunication market. My responsibilities include defining the strategic direction of our products, go-to-market, securing the business, manage Profit & Loss and turn around with success the Big Data Analytics in Telecommunication Industry. 20+ years of valuable experience in: building new business, strategy, delivery, partner channel, alliance, sales, marketing, product and people management in Big Data analytics and in Telecommunication

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