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Nokia and HP aid CSP NFV Transition via Open Source, Carrier Grade Cloud


As data consumers and creators, we appreciate the reliability and performance of a 5-9s operator network.  Operators’ livelihood rest on their ability to maintain that reliability and performance, so making changes to the environment which supports that functionality can be daunting.HP and Nokia Networks have partnered to help speed the transition to new virtualized infrastructure – incorporating both legacy and non-legacy components - to support delivery of new services with minimal effort.


The collaboration will produce an integrated solution enabling VNFs to run on a cloud infrastructure layer that integrates HP data center hardware, hypervisor and virtual infrastructure manager, based on HP Helion OpenStack® technology. 


Operators will have a choice of tools and models without vendor lock-in, allowing the flexibility need to pick the technologies which best suit their needs.  Paired with Nokia’s Cloud Application Manager, deployment of the telco cloud is conducted quickly and relatively easily.  With the agility of the telco cloud deployed, and partnership with HP and Nokia in place, delivering new services with virtualized functions is simplified. 


The solution is due to be available by mid-2015.

Read full press release.




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Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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