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OpenNFV Partner Corner: NFV-Ready Today, IoT-Ready Tomorrow – HP and Wind River


Everybody's talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and looking forward to a future in which a virtually endless array of business, industrial, medical and consumer devices will be connected to the Internet.


Yet the IoT won't become a reality until software designers and network engineers figure out a way of efficiently scaling networks to deal with all of the devices and torrents of traffic the IoT will eventually unleash. Today's networks, already pressed to handle comparatively modest amounts of Internet traffic, simply aren't IoT ready.


In an effort to address current and future networking HPJO22972_Blog Series Images_1_498x271_OpenNFV Partner Program.jpgchallenges, HP has partnered with Wind River, a specialist in embedded software for intelligent connected systems. HP and Wind River are now jointly tackling the network infrastructure issues that threaten both existing networks and future IoT deployments.


IoT Expertise


Wind River, a subsidiary of Intel, is already a major IoT force. In early 2015 the company announced the expansion of Wind River Helix, their portfolio of software, technologies, tools, and services for addressing the system-level challenges and opportunities created by the Internet of Things. The software components of Helix can be used to connect from the device, gateway, network, cloud and back again. Helix also includes simulation technology to design and test your IoT system as well as App development tools. The portfolio of solutions allows adopters to quickly build industry-specific IoT solutions and integrate disparate enterprise IT systems.


Earlier, in 2014, Wind River began working with HP to certify its networking and communications software on HP ProLiant servers, offering both network equipment providers and service providers the performance, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of proven enterprise platforms together with the reliability of carrier-grade platforms. The collaboration between HP and Wind River has led to the creation of a carrier grade server platform that addresses an evolving network infrastructure with both NFV and IoT needs.


HP Helion OpenStack Solutions: Powerful and Stable


Recognizing that NFV-ready networks are also IoT ready, HP and Wind River have jointly developed solutions for HP Helion OpenStack technology that will finally enable carrier-grade NFV capabilities. The addition of proven, carrier-grade technologies from Wind River into HP Helion OpenStack will provide communications service providers (CSPs) with an open source-based cloud platform that meets their demanding reliability requirements, while accelerating their transition to NFV deployments. The solutions will give carriers the benefits of high availability, deterministic behavior, strong performance and visibility. By taking advantage of a virtualized or cloud environment through NFV, the telecom industry can reap the flexibility, scalability, cost and energy benefits that IT data centers already benefit from.


The first-to-market HP Helion OpenStack-Wind River solutions are based on Linux with a KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) hypervisor. The solutions include: 

  • High-availability add-ons to the OpenStack control plane
  • An accelerated vSwitch for high performance networking
  • Scheduling and orchestration of workloads
  • Security add-ons and
  • Open APIs

A Fundamental Transformation


The potential of NFV technology is bringing about a fundamental transformation of the carrier network. By combining Wind River's decades of telecom experience with HP’s market-leading servers, a new generation of carrier grade, NFV-ready servers will help facilitate this telecom transformation.


Learn more about the HP-Wind River partnership here.





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