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OpenStack and your NFV journey


by: Vinay Saxena, Chief Architect, NFV

As I attended the OpenStack Summit last week in Atlanta, the conversations there focused on virtualization and the Communication Service Provider’s (CSP) need for availability, performance and reliability when deploying OpenStack.  Virtualization will offer CSPs the freedom of deploying the various networking functions on an open, standardized hardware platform.  In the context of CSP networks, we need to make sure the virtualization platform and associated cloud management platform (OpenStack) in this can provide scale, performance, latency and standardized management interfaces to meet carriers’ requirements.


As CSPs adopt cloud technologies from the data center and apply then to the mobile core and further out to the RAN space, they see OpenStack based solution as a key part of the network functions virtualization architecture.  OpenStack offers a standardized way to offer IaaS to PaaS or vnFaaS capabilities to help operators deploy next generation NFV based networks.  Having said that, it’s imperative that we provide CSPs key scalability, reliability and performance characteristics that they desire to build out.  HP through its Helion OpenStack distribution will be able to provide those necessary capabilities.  Couple this with the carrier grade infrastructure converged infrastructure components we believe we can provide a complete robust solutions for our CSP/NEP customers for deploying NFV.


HP’s Helion OpenStack distribution coupled with our hardware and NFV orchestration technology offers all the necessary ingredients to build the next generation NFV networks.  We look forward to working with our customers and partners on the network functions virtualization journey.


For more information on HP OpenNFV, please visit our website.



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