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Openstack Summit this week in Paris ! lightning talk on NFV and Openstack


The OpenStack Summit is now a huge gathering for the opensource and cloud community, with more than 5,000+ attendees from around the world, 60+ sponsors & exhibitors and 160+ sessions.


HP is a Premier+ sponsor and will have many technical sessions.


I will be running a lighting talk on Monday, 4:20pm Room 253, around NFV and Openstack.


NFV, Network Function Virtualization, is the big revolution happening on the telecom networks, introducing IT virtualization at the edge and the core of the infrastructure, from customer premises such as set top boxes or enterprise VPN equipment, to mobile base stations, core mobile LTE-IMS networks, Content Distribution Networks and expanding the scope of data centers. With high volumes, peaks of traffics, performance and low latency, heterogeneity of the applications and devices being used, emergency services, SLAs, privacy and security, regulation with data retention, or lawful intercept, and all the specifics of telecom, NFV is introducing many requirements to cloud infrastructure and virtualized infrastructure management as provided by Openstack.


Some of these requirements have started to be introduced already, such as affinity and non-affinity rules for instance, to allow deployment of certain functions on specific locations, or close to each other to delivery better performance. Yet with Juno, other features such as SRIOV support to improve networking access performance, or NUMA placement for memory access performance. But still many other telecom use cases lack features in Openstack to be effectively deployment in live networks.


ETSI NFV is defining some of these requirements in Release #1 coming out soon and will expand with more detailed requirements in release #2, working closing with the Openstack community and for a broader scope with the OPNFV opensource community.


I look forward to seeing you for a lively debate around this topic!



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5G, IoT, NFV, big Data, blockchain

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