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Openstack and NFV topics are HOT – Paris meetup , Oct 7th


I love these type of event !!


 it is small community of passionate people, in cosy places with very informal and interesting discussions. This time it was in Paris downtown near “Palais de L’Elysée”, the prestigious neighbourhood of French government … hosted by eNovance Redhat. Very nice building and great attendance, with more than 140 people!


The event was organized by the Openstack French association with 3 presentations: 6wind & redhat, HP and ALU. Before getting into more details, let me give you a bit of background …


Everyone in the IT industry is now familiar with Openstack, at least the name ! Openstack is a collaborative project under Linux Foundation that delivers open source software under apache licence for Cloud Computing. It is now largely used in enterprises to manage private cloud, but also by cloud provider to deliver public or hybrid cloud. HP Cloud typically is using Openstack and HP seats on the board as platinum member. HP is now also distribution Openstack with HP Helion Openstack portfolio.


NFV is a bit more recent: it stands for “Network Function Virtualization” and is specific to Telecom operator’s virtualization. In December 2012, few operators teamed up and launched ETSI ISG NFV to define common specifications to virtualize telecom network functions, from set top box in residential homes, or gateways, NAT, Router in enterprise, to base stations, core infrastructure fixed and mobile and data centers: huge network across geographies with services roaming across operators! a very ambitious program that is now completing its phase #1 set of specifications and successful proof of concepts.


The objective of this meetup was to give some explanations of how NFV and Openstack relate to each other. The focus was primarily to highlight NFV requirements and use cases, explain the relationship with Openstack and other SDO or Opensource projects and list some gaps identified in Openstack.


NFV openstack.jpg


Here are a few key highlights:

  • Openstack is about to release its Juno Software release on October 16, 2014. There is actually a webinar for Juno Preview TODAY Oct 8th
  • ETSI NFV has published some final draft prior to final approval in ETSI Open Area. These specifications describe ETSI NFV Architecture, and requirements, including requirements for the VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Management) which is typically done by software like Openstack
  • 6Wind and Redhat pointed to a number of new features introduced with Juno that will meet some NFV requirements such as SRIOV support for instance and what is ‘brewing’ in next Kilo release. This includes new features in Neutron around VLAN trunking, tagging.
  • HP (myself) also highlighted the key requirements and gaps NFV sees in Openstack


  • Then each vendor described some of their product differentiators: 6Wind presented their performance acceleration software FastPath, ALU presented Cloudband and Nuage, while I presented HP OpenNFV with Helion and NFV Director.

The overall session went very well! someone asked what would the physical network look like with NFV and Openstack being deployed: good question J there are so many use cases, but if we take vCPE and evolution of set top box for instance, some operators want to keep the box, while others want to only deliver a fiber to the home and move all the service logic that is in the box to the cloud. So yes physical network could evolve a lot!


NFV and Openstack are definitely THE hot topic of the ICT industry!!


More details and materials of this meetup on

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