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Optimize the mobile experience with HP at Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile Session at MWC.jpgGabriele DiPiazza, VP Marketing for HP Autonomy’s Marketing Optimization group, knows that companies are struggling to meet their customers’ high expectations when it come to delivering a compelling mobile experience, and he has a solution to share with attendees at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


Mobile usage around the world might be growing at an explosive rate, but conversion rates on mobile and tablet devices continue to lag significantly. Companies that are not constantly working to improve the user experience on mobile devices are not only unable to improve the rate of return on their investment but are also damaging the value of their brand in the eyes of their customers.


In his speaking session, Be nimble, be quick: Optimize the mobile experience for conversion, Gabriele will describe how the solution to the ever-increasing complexity of the mobile experience is to implement a comprehensive optimization program, one that relies on technology to conduct sophisticated multivariate testing and advanced machine analytics to reveal insights into the actual behavior of mobile devices users. In this way, your customers’ prefered digital interactions are revealed through their actions, taking the guesswork out of your mobile interface design process. The result can mean the difference between a mobile advertising campaign that fizzles and one that sizzles, between a customer so frustrated with a mobile interaction that he abandons your brand and one so delighted by the experience that she becomes evermore loyal to it.


Mobile World Congress sets the blueprint for mobile innovation. Whatever is coming next in the fast-paced world of mobility, you’ll likely find it either announced on stage, showcased in an exhibition, or conceived during one of the thousands of meetings taking place during the week.


Don’t miss Be nimble, be quick: Optimize the mobile experience for conversion

Conference Session, Hall 4 | Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | 16:00 – 17:30 PM

The disruptive growth of global mobile usage makes it all the more difficult for companies to deliver compelling experiences to customers: device types and form factors are constantly evolving while customer expectations for seamless channel experiences become all the more demanding. In this market environment, the most effective solution for addressing these higher expectations is to let your customers reveal their preferences through a comprehensive program of multivariate testing. In this session, find out how optimization strategies focused on your customers’ mobile experience can yield a significant lift in conversion.


About Gabriele DiPiazza

Gabriele Di Piazza serves as vice president of marketing for HP Autonomy's Marketing Optimization business; in this role he leads a team responsible for the overall product marketing and marketing execution for a set of advanced marketing solutions such as Digital Experience Management, Web Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Rich Media Management, Contact Center Management and Marketing Analytics.


Join HP at Mobile World Congress

In today’s mobile environment, connectivity is increasingly taking precedence over traditional business models that, as a result, are experiencing lower usage and revenue streams. Make your plans now to join HP at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain to learn more about leveraging new operating models, extending market reach, and engaging with non-traditional and emerging partners to remain competitive.


Select from a range of HP activities at MWC to best meet your specific business needs—from solution demonstrations to executive programs.


For additional information, please contact the HP event team or your HP representative.


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