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Rapid outage resolutions and customer experience impacts



Author: Guy de Torcy, HPE CMS Digital Video Services

Consumers have changed the way they consume video and data. They are now consumed at home and on the move, on TVs and other electronic devices. Consumer appetite is boosted by the ability to consume it at any time with Video on Demand (VoD) services, enabling time-shift, catch up, pause and resume, or replay. And consumers become more versatile; cord-cutting is increasingly driven by content availability.

In such an environment, it becomes essential to control how clients are consuming VoD and live video streaming content in real-time, and if they are affected by a potential outage and how severely. Providers need to monitor video services carefully, where networks may potentially affect consumer services.  To respond to such business issues, HPE leveraged powerful analytics capabilities, to gain insights from numerous data sources, such as logs, events, data streams and others, in real-time, and to have the ability to easily create custom advanced analytics reports on video delivery.

If you’re at the IBC Exhibition 2016 (Amsterdam), take some time to meet with HPE. You will discover how HPE assists global market players in addressing these challenges with its HPE Video Performance Platform (VPP). As a result, today these customers are ahead of their competition:

  • They monitor and know their subscribers experience when consuming content
  • They are able to provide proactive support and resolve any service impact issue before their subscribers experience the service disruption
  • They can justify the investment of probes solutions, and better control their costs.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise – IBC Exhibition 2016 - Hall #15 HPE Lounge Stand #MS21

To learn more and book a time with one of our experts: click here.

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