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Revenue Assurance & Protection – An All-Round Analytics


Revenue protection depends on having the right information at the right time and in the right format for each user. Moreover, it requires on being up to minute on always evolving threat patterns.  

Until recently, the choice has been between patchworks of point solutions, each addressing a different concern along the revenue stream, or unwieldy data silos, where latency and dated information actually increase costs and risks of incorrect decisions.

What are the popular revenue threats? Most CSPs consider the followings types:

  • Subscription fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Account takeover and equipment fraud
  • Client-premise equipment (PBX, VoIP) compromise
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) compromise and abuse
  • E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and content fraud
  • Bypass, SIM Gateway fraud, flat-rate services abuse
  • Credit check violation
  • Roaming fraud
  • Prepaid services fraud
  • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
  • Insider fraud
  • Dealer performance violation
  • Internal revenue leakage

The good news is, Telco Big Data & Analytics solutions are here to consolidate multiple processes including Revenue Protection using the same data sets and a solidified platform.


Watch this clip to understand how it all works together



See our business whitepapers :

Read more about real results at ABR Telecom in Brazil and Vodacom South Africa



We found “Revenue Assurance & Protection” to be among the first Analytics use cases that CSPs opt to implement. See here about Telco Big Data market priorities and evolution.


What’s your experience with Revenue Protection? Do you recognize additional kinds of threats that require dedicated processes to track and prevent?

Leave a comment here!  Or drop me a note at


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Oded manages Go-To-Market enablement and Solution Marketing for HPE’s Communication Services Business (CSB), His focus is solutions of Subscriber Awareness that allow CSPs to evolve to Customer Centric service delivery, Oded is responsible for bringing together Products, Business, Operations, Sales and Marketing into a coherent Go-To-Market Strategy, across all regions, counties and market segments.

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