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SKT, NTT, Telenor, AT&T, KDDI and Telefonica with HP in ETSI NFV PoCs demo’d at SDN World Congress


HP has done some annoucements this week and one of them is a PR on HP OpenNFV. 



PR.jpgHP OpenNFV was announced at MWC in February with a list of NFV product, incl vHSS, V-MSE, VSR and NFV Director and OpenNFV Labs for the ecosystem.


This week announcement reinforce that message with a list of OpenNFV Program technology partners that includes 6Wind, Brocade, GENBAND, Intel, the Israel Mobile & Media Association, Mellanox Technologies, Spirent, SK Telecom, and Wind River


HP is currently running more than 20 NFV POC worldwide and is showing a few of them publicly this week at the show.


HP demonstrations at SDN World Congress 2014 include the following:


Let's start with the HP Booth, Stand #4


SKT is on the booth with POC#23 one of the most comprehensive demonstration of the whole show and of the ETSI NFV POC:

"E2E Orchestration of Virtualized LTE Core-Network Functions and SDN-based Dynamic Service Chaining of VNFs using VNF FG" (VNF FG stands for VNF Forwarding graph - a term defined by ETSI NFV to define chaining of VNF)


SKT Demo.jpg

 This POC has been implemented on SKT premises following the whole ETSI NFV reference architecture principles. Multi-vendor VNFs from Samsung, Telcoware and others are deployed on top of a virtualized infrastructure, hypervisor based with SDN switches. A complete MANO stack is implemented also with an NFV Orchestrator provided by HP with HP released product NFV Director to on board, allocate resources and orchestrate the deployment and management of this vEPC-IMS solution. A localized and consolidated NFV portal is also provided to facilitate usability during the show.

3 scenarios have been explored:

  • Scenario 1 – Lifecycle management of VNFs via VNFMs from multiple vendors.
  • Scenario 2 – Verifying the correctness of the E2E behavior of VNFs.
  • Scenario 3 – Dynamic service chaining via SDN-driven VNF-FG using the call flow criteria (such as user, time, location, destination application, etc.)



NTT Demo.jpgPoC #2 - Service Chaining for NW Function Selection in Carrier Networks


NTT presents this POC with Cisco, HP and Juniper shows how some service chains can be defined across a number of virtual network functions such as router, firewall etc deployed on top of virtualized infrastructure.


An SDN network controller is also used.





POC #13POC#13.jpg - SteerFlow: Multi-Layered Traffic Steering for Gi-LAN


This POC is also on service chaining and traffic steering but explicitely for Gi-LAN. It is led by Telefonica with Radware, HP and Mellanox.

The Gi (3G) or Sgi Lan (4G) interface is the interface between the PGW and the Packet Data Network (PDN) typically an SDN network in these cases.


It is demonstrated in the ETSI NFV POC Zone



POC#15 - Subscriber Aware SGi/Gi-LAN VirtualizationPOC15.jpg


An other SGi/Gi Lan use case bu this time with 2 virtual domains and multiple vendor enablers.


Telenor is leading this POC, with Contextream, HP, Guavus, Skyfire and Redhat.









Last but not least if POC#22 - Demonstration of High Reliability and Availability aspects in a Multivendor NFV Environment 


This POC led by AT&T and KDDI implements some resiliency scenarios such as VNF software or hardware failure in different scenarios , active-active or active-standby. 3 sets of scenarios are experimented:

Category 1 – Traditional Resiliency scenarios in the NFV environment leveraging inherent VNF capabilities such as self-recovery and routing protocol convergence. Some of these scenarios can be aided by the management and orchestration system for enhanced resiliency in more complex deployment situations.

Category 2 – Resiliency and Availability scenarios enabled specifically by NFV architecture

Category 3 – Resiliency and Availability focused on the Management and Orchestration system


more on ETSI NFV POC at

more on HP OpenNFV at

more on HP NFV Director at

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