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Seven Early 4G Experiences shared by Mobile Operator Everything Everywhere


Young girl with mobile.jpgEverything Everywhere (EE) is a bit of a trailblazer in the 4G

world, being the first UK supplier to roll out a comprehensive LTE offer.    Their early experiences are harbingers of what others will face.


Some of the highlights Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE,  shared with Informa recently, were published in this week in European Communications here and in Week in Wireless.  Some that key ones I thought were telling were:







1)      EE already have 26% of 4G traffic that is video, with Youtube counting for 14%


2)      They predict 750% growth in three years on top of the 4G usage they already have


3)      They are upping investment in voice on 2G with the aim to get back to basics to provide better voice quality


4)      Upload traffic exceeding download especially at music and sporting events (seems to show people can’t resist sharing their home shot video in the moment).


5)    Swantee “is not overly enamored with VoLTE: “I challenge [other] operators on being able to improve voice using VoLTE,””


6)      They have launched a claimed “world’s largest mobile plan” – an 8 million pound, or almost $13 million (yes you heard it, million) dollar petabyte data plan.  That’s a lot of “Friends” episodes (“13 years of streaming” according to AWIW).   This is quite a long way from an unlimited plan, and targets broadcasters and the like.


7)      The Petaplan, complements a set of “Super bundles” of 50 TB – 500 Terabytes.



These early results point to some  of things we have been expecting in mobile:


1)      Video starts to take the lions hare of usage as 4G spreads

2)      As Youtube takes off the substitution of 4G for fixed broadband starts to look like reality

3)      Voice cannot be forgotten and VoLTE is not yet ready for prime time.

4)      There’s still good money to be made in volume data plans


Click through to the links to read the full articles.  Image courtesy of pictureYouth on Wikicommons

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