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Simplifying NFV rollouts with carrier-grade building blocks


Author: Sarwar Raza Vice President, Product Management, NFV, HP


If you’re like many of your peers in cloud services, you’ve been hard at work exploring how software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) can make your services more flexible—and your business more profitable. At HP, we are making it easier to move from evaluation to implementation and to begin reaping the benefits of network virtualization.

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HP has introduced HP NFV System, an all-in-one solution bundle that makes it easier for you to move your NFV capabilities into customer trials and production. HP NFV System features a set of infrastructure-layer solution kits that contain everything you need for typical Telco-grade NFV use cases. Designed as building blocks, NFV System kits allow you to start small and scale out as your requirements increase. HP NFV System is a performance-optimized, pre-integrated system that’s designed to be simple to buy, simple to deploy, and simple to support.


With NFV System, you get best-in-class HP server, storage, networking, cloud, and orchestration components in a single, ready-to-go package. You benefit from our deep expertise in NFV, including learning from dozens of proof-of-concept (POC) tests, as we designed and engineered the solution. And, NFV System is optimized specifically for telco applications so you can count on the high performance, high availability, and ease of management that service provider’s demand.


Accelerate time to value


A bundled solution adds up to faster time-to-value, enabling you to bring innovative services to market faster than ever. NFV System is pre-integrated and pre-tested for interoperability with third-party apps from the OpenNFV community. You simply choose the right size bundle for your needs, and expand as your business grows. You save countless hours poring over technical specifications, integrating components, and verifying interoperability.


NFV System includes HP Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade. We’ve added carrier-grade performance and service availability to the OpenStack platform for a production-ready cloud orchestration platform.


Get ready for NFV analytics


We’ve also added new analytics capabilities to the NFV Director platform. The move to SDN and NFV, coupled with the coming explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), is going to drive a big need for big data in the telco space. HP NFV Analytics is the first solution in the industry to deliver advanced analytics that can tap into the insight provided by NFV. We’re in the earliest stages of the analytics journey, but we think it’s an exciting opportunity for carriers to gain greater insight not only into their own operations, but also to hone the revenue-generating services offered to customers.


Where are you going to start?


NFV System is already hard at work at several customers. For example, Nokia and HP are collaborating on a telco cloud solution that integrates Nokia’s virtual network functions on a cloud infrastructure that leverages NFV System.


Where are you starting with NFV? There are myriad ways you can reduce opex and capex, increase agility, and drive new revenue streams with capabilities like virtual network routing, service chaining, and cloud NFV.


Learn more about how to get started with HP NFV System.

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