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Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) Brazil has chosen HP to Boost Service Activation Capacity

We are now close to 10M Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) activated with the HP Dynamic SIM Provisioning solution in Brazil. With this success coming out at "FutureCom" event held in Rio de Janeiro, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) Brazil, agreed to tell their story in a Portuguese press release. This release describes how TIM Brazil has chosen HP to Boost Service Activation Capacity Improving Sales and Customer Experience.


In this blog I have translated the release to English to be able to share the story with a wider audience.


See :


At the occasion of FutureCom 2013, held in Rio de Janeiro, on October 25th, HP Communications and Media Solutions announced that TIM Brasil, has signed an agreement for HP to assist in expanding the coverage of the SIM Provisioning.  An initial phase was completed successfully for São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and a new phase will now be started to deploy the solution across Brazil. 


By using its new automatic SIM provisioning process enabled by the HP DSP Platform, TIM has expanded its flexibility, agility, accuracy and capacity to better meet technical and customer demands for activations. The result will be faster and more efficient and precise service activations that will improve SIM card management process quality and reduce the in-store waiting time for customers while their SIM cards are activated.


TIM Brazil will also integrate DSP and Mobile Device Management platforms, both provided by HP, with its customer network and main business support systems. This will add even more value to the process since it will be possible to recognize the device being activated and customize the configuration according to it.  The integration between all these systems will also allow new services and offers to be developed more suitable to each type of device.


“A great customer experience isn’t always in the hands of a mobile provider’s people – it’s often technology that enables better outcomes,” said David Sliter, General Manager and Vice President, HP Communications and Media Solutions. “HP has a flexible, vendor-agnostic DSP Platform solution with a team of experienced engineers who will help transform the activation process resulting in faster and easier customer activations and higher sales.”

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Marie-Sophie Masselot is bringing her thought leadership in business transformation in the telecom arena, thanks to her latest role as the marketing lead for the HPE IoT Platform and Digital Services. She is coming with a technical background as computer sciences engineer, having held different positions from software development through supply chain or sales support in telecom companies.

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