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The Business Value of Agility



The telecommunications landscape is moving at warp speed, and one thing is clear – the future belongs to those who are fast. Agility is a critical capability Communication Service Providers must have as they embark on their journey to become Digital Service Providers. While a number of Communication Service Providers have focused on the capabilities brought about by a cloud-based infrastructure and transformed operations, CSPs must be keenly aware that an agile business model will serve as the catalyst to spur innovation and drive revenue quicker. So what does agility mean? How does one define, measure and quantify agility? In “The Business Value of Agility” HPE and ACG Research define the polysemic concept that is agility and aim to quantify the impact of agility on CSP KPIs.

Throughout the paper, HPE and ACG research define agility as a full-cycle, multifaceted practice with four major elements:

  • Business Agility: having the ability to create a business environment capable of quickly organizing and addressing the company and customers’ needs.
  • Infrastructure Agility: having the ability to allocate resources consistently as necessary to make efficient and effective use of the network infrastructure
  • Customer Agility: having the ability to change and accommodate to customer demands
  • Service Agility: having the ability to create, modify and remove a new or an existing service in a fraction of the time and cost.

HPE and ACG Research quantified the time-to-market, service creation and revenue generation advantages of deploying new services faster and determine that there is a 77% savings in labor cost, 13% differential in revenue generation per service launched service and a 47% increase in revenue level based on increased number of services launched.

Want to read how agility can impact your telecommunications business? Catch the full white paper here, and assess how agility can make a tangible impact on CSP financials.

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