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The Death of Voice Minutes: Voice as a Feature


I was surprised to open my corporate telecom bill for my staff yesterday to find that my company is still paying real money for basic voice minutes. Meanwhile with both my fixed home phone (which is via an ISP) and my mobile phone, I have pretty much unlimited voice anywhere in the world.  


I have realized I can save my company almost the cost of my monthly mobile subscription by doing my regular calls to  Israel from my mobile phone instead of my desk phone.


In France, where I live, voice has now almost completed the transition to feature instead of per-minute charging. Unlimited calls are offered with anything but the most basic packages now. These include a large palette of countries and only exclude international mobile charges for certain countries with high termination fees.


How far has this process gone in your country?

Do you agree companies seem to be getting ripped off with ongoing voice minute charges?


Let me know what you think.

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Richard although the mobile industry may have moved the way of bundling unlimited voice or at least a certain number of minutes in to a subscription unfortunately this doesnt seem to be mirrored byt the fixed line CSPs.


My UK Fixed CSP offers free evenign calls but anythign outside (of an ever shrinking time window) is either still charged for or required a different tarrif.


My gut feel is that the flexibility that exists within the Mobile market enabling more varied selection of services has some way to go before it has fully penetrated the land line networks, certainly from a Retail perspective, afraid i cant comment on the enterprise market.


Thanks for the comment Jason.


It is interesting how diverse the offers are between countries still.   In France all of the fixed broadband operators now offer unlimited packages for voice.      However you are right that this does not seem to be the case in UK yet.  And despite that mobile mobile operator, SFR as it happens, gives me unlimited calls to US, some Americans still have plans that don't allow international calls!

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