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The Facts Jack: A few facts from Monday’s MWC Keynotes


In Barcelona today, the opening keynote included CEOs and executives from AT&T, Telecom Italia, China Mobile, and Vodafone. They shared their insight into global business trends, growth strategies and technological innovations shaping the New Mobile Horizon. Each had common themes around regulatory issues, innovation and investment. They also all generally pointed to the fact that growth will be exponential. I love factoids, and each of these executives sprinkled interesting numbers throughout. The following facts are in order of when they were delivered – not in any priority – although the first one amazes me.


Fact 1: The mobile ecosystem is on course to contribute more than $10 trillion to global GDP. Today, mobile operators alone directly contribute 1.4 percent of global GDP, according to the GSMA’s newly released report “The Mobile Economy.” Moreover, in 2012, more than 8M people were employed directly in the mobile ecosystem, a 17 percent increase from 2008.


Fact 2: Mobile networks today are carrying equivalent of 330B MP3 songs per month.


Fact 3: Half of mobile connections will be connected objects rather than people. big nod toward Machine-to-Machine, and get ready for the Internet of “everything.”


Fact 4: With regard to security: Today, a typical user has 26 names for his online accounts and approximately 5 passwords (I’ll be sooooo happy when we can use Voice Biometrics to access my various online accounts. I probably use “reset password” more times than I would like to admit. But at least you won’t find my passwords written in “post-its” on my desktop. Of course, given the current disarray of my desk, you might not find anything else either.)


 Fact 5: AT&T experienced 75K percent increase in mobile messaging between 2000 and 2006.


 Fact 6: AT&T experienced 30K percent increase in mobile data traffic over past six years.


Fact 7: 66 percent of people sleep with their phone.


Fact 8: 26 percent check their phone at the dinner table. (Uh oh.)


Fact 9: 240M businesses around the world will be cloud computing via mobile devices by 2015.


Fact 10: I will post links to these presentations – all available in March – where you can find these facts and others, along with all the source material. Look for updates from Tuesday’s keynotes coming soon!

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Julia Ochinero is a seasoned, but not “old school” marketing profes-sional who continues to be excited by the dramatic changes in the communications industry. Julia joined HP in 2009 as Director of Marketing in Communications & Media Solutions (CMS), and she has maintained Telco marketing leadership roles in Enterprise Ser-vices (ES) and Enterprise Group (EG). In her current role as World-wide Marketing Lead for the Communications Solutions Business (CSB) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Julia is directing initiatives focused on positioning HPE as the organization that can facilitate the communications service provider’s (CSP’s) transition to sustainable, profitable business models. Julia’s Telco and networking experience started in Chicago, IL, working for AT Kearney, Andersen Consulting, BT and Ameritech  where she launched the first consumer voice mail rollout in the Unit-ed States. Andersen Consulting relocated her to Silicon Valley to launch its presence in region during early days of the Internet. While in the Valley, she has served in leadership and consulting roles with companies including Adobe, OpenWave, Novell, Nuance Communi-cations, Pixo and RealNetworks. Previous to HP, she was a consult-ant at Accel Partners, the world’s largest venture capital firm headquar-tered in Palo Alto, CA. Julia’s experience enables her to support marketing needs for both early-stage companies and more mature organizations requiring efficient go-to-market strategies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Creative Advertis-ing (Communications) from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Julia is married and has two children.

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