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The Impact of Telco Cloud Transformation and Hybrid Network Management on CSPs’ operations



It is no surprise that CSPs are facing challenges on multiple fronts. In order to persevere through industry rigors and remain profitable, CSPs will have to include Telco Cloud as an integral part of their innovation strategies. Whilst most CSP have focused on the operating and capital benefits promised by the Telco Cloud, few have attempted to measure the impacts of the transformation. In “The Impact of Telco Cloud Transformation and Hybrid Network Management on CSPs’ operations” HPE and Analysys Mason unveil the rigors experienced in each transitional phase and the impacts Telco Cloud has on CSP service creation, order management, procurement and purchasing, provisioning and acceptance testing, and troubleshooting and maintenance.

While Telco Cloud’s impact on CSP’s operations will be extensive – they will not be immediate. CSPs will navigate through the Telco Cloud transformation and proceed through three distinct phases:

  • In Phase 1, CSPs will develop business cases and define their desired business and operational outcomes, as an essential step to incremental revenue gains.
  • In Phase 2, the impact of the transformation on operations will become heightened. CSPs will undergo significant operation and organizational changes, and begin to master network management of hybrid physical / virtual multi-domain core functions and multi-vendor networks.
  • Lastly Phase 3, CSPs will begin to reveal the synergies between new processes created, along with the more agile technologies and services created. CSPs will be able to fully achieve the transformation to Digital Service Providers in Phase 3.

While CSPs will reap tremendous benefit from Telco Cloud, most gains will materialize over time, and throughout phases. Want to read more on how Telco Cloud will impact CSPs operations? Catch the full report here.


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