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The expanding universe of Telco Big Data & Analytics


As we are talking with CSPs about Big Data Analytics, we almost always discuss use cases that correspond to the following categories:

  • Network/IT optimization – improving efficiency via optimized resource utilization and real-time response
  • Marketing personalization – gaining contextual insight into customers’ needs 
  • Revenue Generation – extending to new collaborative business models
  • Security and Revenue Protection – monitoring revenue streams and protecting privacy.

Obviously, such use cases differ in complexity, and on how soon CSPs expect to have them operational. The below diagram is a visual synthesis of the priorities we revealed when talking to many CSPs.  


Telco Big Data & Analytics solution - Market evolution diagram

Telco Big Data & Analytics solutions - market evolution (full sized PDF version)


These findings show that CSPs realize that Telco Big Data solutions are here to stay.   Moreover, they see it as a strategic investment area that must be ready to accommodate evolving needs and different processes. Clearly, CSPs investment strategy is be guided by the need to keep open for variety of use cases and implementations using the same data, platform and technology. 


In the coming weeks I’ll zoom in to describe many of these use cases. Stay tuned

- Subscriber Network Usage Analytics - Stay in tune with your customer experience

- Analytics for Customer Experience Management

- Analytics for Revenue Assurance & Protection

- more to come...


What are your priorities for Telco Big Data & Analytics?  Are there specific use cases that you plan to implement sooner than others?  Feel free to leave a comment ,  or drop me an email  You can also see more at


About the Author


Oded manages Go-To-Market enablement and Solution Marketing for HPE’s Communication Services Business (CSB), His focus is solutions of Subscriber Awareness that allow CSPs to evolve to Customer Centric service delivery, Oded is responsible for bringing together Products, Business, Operations, Sales and Marketing into a coherent Go-To-Market Strategy, across all regions, counties and market segments.

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