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Virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) at the New Edge!



Guest Author: Eran Bello, CMO, ASOCS 



The exponential growth of data and video content being consumed within in-buildings and highly dense urban areas, via the cellular networks introduce its fair share of challenges – most of them experienced daily by users, in terms of poor data service, and by carriers in terms of prohibitive deployment and enormous network operations costs.



An ironic fact, related to this massive cellular explosion is that behind the futuristic, cutting-edge technology of the smartphone, connected devices, and social media at the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), lies an old fashioned, disorganized, almost antique infrastructure, where low quality network coverage, proprietary and bundled configuration-specific networks and high operation and energy costs, are the norm.


Realizing the NFV Vision

The vision of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is to revolutionize network architecture from proprietary appliance-based architecture, to applications running on standard servers, switches and storage devices. RAN virtualization realizes the NFV vision by re-defining the world of traditional, inflexible, proprietary base-stations into a brand-new era of cost-effective, agile, virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRAN). By virtualizing the Base Station and decoupling the hardware from the software, Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) and applications can run on distributed Open Mobile Edge Clouds (OMEC) at the metro and network edge for the very first time, breaking all spectrum barriers and slashing costs.


Complete RAN Virtualization: Every Layer, All Functions, Any Remote Radio Unit (RRU)

Full virtualization of all base station layers and functions, including Baseband L1 PHY real-time processingsoftware on COTS server, transforms the IT server, Cloud Computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) market into a cross-platform software solution where all resources are immediately sharable, scalable and economical.


Enabling high quality coverage and capacity in any environment, virtual RAN (vRAN) solution is ideal for neutral host In-Building/Campus, Metro, and Mega-scale networks via the Communication as a Service (CaaS) business model, allowing for better communication – everywhere.


Virtual RAN Solution Architecture


 A disruptive modular Enterprise and Carrier In-Building / Campus fully virtualized RAN implementation using virtual Base Station (vBS) and digital DAS solution


Endless advantages!

Shareability. Having a single unified platform supporting neutral host environment, and carriers of carriers, enables Communication as a Service business model. The ability to co-locate all NFV apps and Enterprise applications on the same virtualized platform and management system, and enhanced capacity through the facilitation of advanced centralized spectrum and resource management solutions.


Scalability. With plug n' play expanded network coverage and the ability to increase capacity from single sector to tens of thousands at the flip of a switch, with vRAN, there is no limits in terms of system growth. The solution supports multiple network configurations through software on a future-proof platform, paving the way to 5G and beyond.


Economics. TCO is slashed and ‘rip and replace’ eliminated through a programmable platform and software upgrades. An open platform, with the benefits of multiple vendor-play throughout the end to end solution, enables low initial investment and flexible pay as you grow models.


ASOCS vRAN – The Certain Future of Cellular Networks

In comparison to standalone endless base stations, ASOCS vRAN solution integrated with HPE OpenNFV® platform, provides significant benefits such as smaller deployment footprint, increased network extensibility, data analytics, and for high performance, low latency applications to run on Open Mobile Edge Clouds.


ASOCS will demonstrate its vRAN solution during MWC2017 in hall 2 stand 2E60 in the IMA Pavilion, and in the HPE OpenNFV Partner Showcase, booth Hall 3 stand 3E11. Don't miss


Don't miss ASOCS talk about vRAN live in the MWC Discussion Zone. See the full MWC Discussion Zone agenda for more details on this and other sessions.


To schedule a demo please email


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