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Webinar: Making NFV Real—A Novel Approach to MANO & OSS


NFV is a real, compelling next-generation architecture that's already helping SPs, data center operators and enterprises address a wide range of critical operational and business challenges. That was the message delivered during a recent webinar with Andreas Krichel, Chief Architect OSS for NFV at HP, hosted by Roy Chua of SDxCentral, a news and resource site focusing on SDX, SDN, NFV, cloud, and virtualization infrastructure technologies.


The webinar, "Making NFV Real—A Novel Approach to MANO & OSS," offered insights into several key NFV areas, including use cases, the HP service operations factory, the OSS/MANO relationship and transformation implementation.


Use Cases

The webinar explained that operators have been conducting PoCs in their labs since 2011, and that initial PoC deployments already cover an array of platforms, architectures and services. About one-third of use cases to date have focused on CPE, another one-third on EPC and IMS and the remaining third on different services, gateway, CDMs and specific functionalities.


Krichel spotlighted Telefónica Unica, which recently implemented the end-to-end HP OpenNFV platform stack, showing that the operator was looking to create a layer between its physical and virtual data centers to provide more flexibility. Its solution came in the form of a completely new model based on the virtual datacenter concept, which spans physical data centers, resources, and PoPs with a main objective of deploying any service in an agile way to overcome the inflexibilities and complexities of a traditional data center.


The use case's key lesson, according to Krichel, was the need to have software-defined networks (SDNs) by means of a user self-provisioned model. This model is founded on applying the concept of IT virtualization to the telco world. He noted that network virtualization (NFV+SDN) must be aligned with the cloud model and transform the data center.


Services Operations Factory

The services operations factory, a concept now being embraced by CSPs and other telecom players worldwide, creates multiple benefits, including reduced risks and costs. The service operations factory also provides a viable and important approach to unifying OSS and NFV MANO.


Krichel explained that the service operations factory approach taken by HP offers an NFV-ready OSS with embedded NFV management and orchestration. Adopters can expect to see NFV production that implements NFV orchestration according to the ETSI MANO. Attributes include closed loop automation between assurance and fulfillment on the E2E level, common and accurate data, in hierarchical granularity, cross-domain and NFV capabilities and a unified operator’s console. The HP services operation factory is pre-integrated and extensible, providing a catalyst to transform the OSS for NFV.


OSS/MANO Complemented

OSS integration is key to a successful NFV rollout. The MANO handles virtualization, not the application level. Adopters will quickly discover that many existing operations, processes and systems will stay as-is, including SMEs per management domain, operational management of the data center, application-level specific management and classic (PNF) domain management systems.


Fundamental changes will occur on the E2E level, however, including orchestration now provided by the E2E. The webinar showed that benefits will include agility in all data models and processes and in data quality across all components.


Implementing OSS Transformation

There are two basic approaches to implementing OSS transformation. The first method, an incremental integration performed in small steps, minimizes changes on the OSS. According to Krichel, this approach is ideal for the initial introduction of NFV PoCs.


The other approach is to leverage NFV as a catalyst for OSS transformation. This is accomplished by introducing NFV concepts in the OSS, including new core orchestration, closed loop automation and analytics. The drawback, Krichel observed, is more disruption on the OSS.


HP: Your NFV Partner

HP OpenNFV provides CSPs and their suppliers, including network equipment providers (NEPs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators (SIs), the foundation upon which to build a dynamic service and network environment. HP’s OpenNFV architecture is based upon open standards and leverages Open Source technology as the foundation for the NFV Platform (NFV infrastructure and virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization).


HP’s Krichel participated in a Q&A addressing today’s business and operational challenges and how NFV can serve as a solution. To view the Q&A, click here. To view the complete "Making NFV Real" webinar, click here. (Requires registration)


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