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Webinar: Next Gen SDM – Subscriber Data Management in the Era of NFV, IoT and Heterogeneous Networks


Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is at the crossing of the multiple mega-trends that our industry is undergoing: NFV, MVNO/IoT, heterogeneous networks and analytics – all  force SDM to become more scalable, dynamic and addressable.

Our webinar will examine the business drivers as well as thhpe-next-gen-sdm-webinar-490x245e technology principles of next gen SDM.:

  • Customer centricity for CSP – what does it mean ?
  • Enablers and Inhibitors for customer focused relationship
  • Today’s critical factors of SDM
  • Why now -  NFV as a disruption
  • Transformation to Next Gen SDM


Join on on June 28th - 10am PT.  Register here


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About the Author


Oded manages Go-To-Market enablement and Solution Marketing for HPE’s Communication Services Business (CSB), His focus is solutions of Subscriber Awareness that allow CSPs to evolve to Customer Centric service delivery, Oded is responsible for bringing together Products, Business, Operations, Sales and Marketing into a coherent Go-To-Market Strategy, across all regions, counties and market segments.

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