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Where in the World is OpenNFV: HPE Discover London 2015



We are taking the Communication Solutions Business to HPE Discover 2015 in London. Join our NFV and CMS experts December 1st – 3rd at ExCel London, UK to experience our CSP NFV, SDN, MANO, IoT, and Telecom Analytics solutions first-hand.

At HPE, we are accelerating the CSP transformation journey. Come learn how we are helping CSPs put HPE solutions to work, in order to accelerate and enhance service delivery. Meet our CSB team along with our HPE executives as we take you through the journey to the telco cloud. We invite you to attend our speaking sessions, stop by our CSB Hybrid and Empower Zone demonstrations, and chat with our CSB executives face to face to learn more about our CSP solutions.


Transform Zone

  • Demo #1532 HPE NFV System

Many communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers have been testing NFV technology and porting solutions. To move to production, CSPs and NFV suppliers need carrier readiness, provided by simple, open and deployment-proven solutions. Come to this virtual rack demo where you can interact with the HPE NFV System. This integrated, pre-tested, deployment-ready NFV hardware and software platform with virtual infrastructure management is simple to order and grow.

  • Demo #1533 Successful NFV VIM with HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade and HPE ContexNet: Do you want to run virtual network functions (VNF) on a carrier-scale, highly reliable and high-performance platform? Do you want to benefit from the developer community of open source? Using HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade and HPE’s Carrier Grade SDN solution for virtual infrastructure management (VIM) ofcompute and network, you get all that and more, including extensions and integrations specific to VNF. Join us to learn how using this VIM on the mobile GI-LAN interface dramatically improves agility.
  • Demo #1531 Management and Network Orchestration (MANO): You can realize the benefits of virtualization today, thanks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s NFV-ready operations support systems, designed to bridge the old and the new. At this demo, you will learn about managing and orchestrating concrete NFV use cases, such as vCore and WebRTC. You will also discover how to integrate management across NFV and “classic” functions to successfully operationalize a mixed virtualized and non-virtualized environment.
  • Demo #1530 Partner Catalog: The Hewlett Packard Enterprise OpenNFV Partner Program focuses on growing an NFV ecosystem for the benefit of communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers. If you are an equipment provider, independent service vendor, system integrator or CSP looking for new products and solutions that match your requirements, come to this demo station to explore the partner catalog and get answers to your questions from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise OpenNFV Partner team.


Empower Zone

  • Demo #1218 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Solution for Smart Cities: Come to this demo to learn how to empower Smart Cities applications like smart lighting, smart waste management and smart parking. Find out how to connect, manage and collect data from IoT LoRA devices (low-power wide area networks) with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise IoT Platform. Discover how to enrich your IoT applications with IoT data analytics.
  • Demo #1215 Big Data and Analytics for Telecom Service Providers: The value of IoTis unlocked through the analysis of data from connected devices, including analog data, and the integration of insights across business operations. Big Data analytics enables companies to leverage devices as new sources of contextual data, create historical and predictive insights, and drive business outcomes. This demonstration showcases HPE’s Big Data analytics and management solutions that handle the demands of IoT at the performance and ROI required to maximize the value. 


Industry Showcase

  • Demo #7625 IoT smart metering solution

Smart metering is changing the utilities market. Driven by regulation, millions of residential meters are becoming “smart.” Managing an ever-growing number of smart meters is a complex undertaking. To scale up, utilities companies need to optimize their operational environment. Come to this demo to discover how Vodafone offers smart meter management to Italian Utilities via the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Metering solution and Hewlett Packard Enterprise IoT Platform.

  • Demo #7628 NFV Telco Acceleration

HPE ProLiant servers enable the new HPE Telco Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Infrastructure. Stop by to see the 25GbE demo and talk with HPE experts about how to achieve 25, 50 or 100GbE packet processing on your NFV Telco network. Find out how the HPE Telco NFV Infrastructure lab is testing new NICs, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and poll mode drivers to help ensure the new Telco NFV solutions can scale to handle increasingly demanding traffic loads.

  • Demo #7627 Journey to the Telco Cloud

To better serve customers, communications service providers (CSPs) are on the road to network functions virtualization (NFV). The interactive Vantage Wall will help you navigate the challenges of creating virtualized cloud-based networks and arrive at your destination, which is an agile network that integrates old and new hardware with the ability to launch new services, respond to customer needs, and realize new revenue streams in days, not months, and with minimal risk.

ETSI PoC #38 demonstration with Telstra, Nuage Networks, F5

  • Demo #7626 Transforming call centers

Optus wanted to transform its call center operations to be proactive and customer-focused. They turned to Hewlett Packard Enterprise for help. Hewlett Packard Enterprise designed a solution based on CMS software, which helped the company realize more than 25% improvement in its net promoter score. In addition, HPE enabled an in-depth understanding of the way call center staff interact with customers. Join us to speak with Hewlett Packard Enterprise consultants about how your company can transform and improve customer satisfaction, too.



  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nokia 2020+; taking operators to the next level of business and network transformation with Vicki Araujo, HPE NFV Partner Marketing Director, Henk Bruijns, HPE Strategist and Chief Technologist of EMEA Pre-Sales, and Johannes Prade, Nokia. 

Tuesday, Dec. 1st 10:30AM, Theater 7 Session ID: T6643

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nokia’s joint 2020+ vision takes operators to the next level of business growth. The core concept is that by 2020, operators will transform their networks into distributed cloud platforms that can host consumer and enterprise workloads along with Telco virtualized network functions to offer seamless, personalized end-user experiences. Come to this session to hear about the key enablers for this vision, the required transformation and how Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nokia can help. 

  • NFV Telco Acceleration; achieve 25GbE+ rates on HPE Servers with Claus Pedersen, HPE Telco Team -Tuesday, Dec. 1st 4:30PM, Discussion Forum 3, Session ID: T6643

HPE experts will discuss how to achieve 25/50/100GbE packet processing on your NFV Telco network including how the HPE Telco NFV Infrastructure lab is testing new NIC’s, DPDK and poll mode drivers to help ensure the new Telco NFV solutions scale and can handle the demanding traffic loads Telco’s are challenged with today. 

  • HPE OpenNFV Partner Solution catalog; an ecosystem of multi-vendor network functions with Vasu Sankhavaram, HPE NFV Strategist and Chief Technologist. -Tuesday, Dec. 1st 4:30PM, Theater 6 Session ID: T6640

This session will showcase the HPE OpenNFV Partner Solutions Catalog, in which Hewlett Packard Enterprise and its partners provide a rich set of ready-to-use network functions that have been pre-integrated on HPE’s NFV infrastructure offerings to meet the most common NFV use cases, including vIMS, vEPC and vCPE.

  • Data addressability and automation in the era of NFV; OSS, ITSM, data plane management and analytics with Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral, Massimo Fatato, HPE WW OSS General Manager, Jeff Edlund HPE CTO for CMS, Jean-Daniel Steiner, Swisscom - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 10:30AM, Capital Suite, Rm 10, Session ID: PNL6646

Increasing customer expectations and business demands drive the need for greater agility and insights from CSP operations. The programmable infrastructure provided by NFV and SDN, and an OSS that supports intent-based configuration models, enable real-time changes driven by leveraging network performance, subscriber and application data. During this session, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SDXCentral and Swisscom will explore the operations transformation carriers are undertaking to deliver a real-time personalized experience.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs presents an inside look at how The Machine will revolutionize communications with Martin Sadler, HPE, Jeff Edlund, HPE CTO for CMS; Adrian Shaw HPE Engineering, and Ying Zhang, HPE - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 11:30AM, Theater 7, Session ID: T6659

Join this panel discussion to learn how The Machine as a platform can enable rich and real-time data analytics to improve the predictability and efficiency of network management, host various virtualized network functions and provide efficient in-box service chaining

  • OpenDaylight-based NFV use cases; transformation of mobile access and core with Nav Chandler, IDC Research Manager, Nachman Susan, HPE, and Pål Grønsund, Telenor - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 12:00PM, Capital Suite, Rm 10, Session ID: PNL6644

In this session you will hear Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IDC discuss the ways SDN enables NFV operations and learn how Telenor leverages OpenDaylight based SDN solution to transform its LTE network by virtualizing eNodeB and improved scaling and resource utilization with an SDN enabled split of user and control planes in a vEPC deployment.

  • Real-world customer experiences and insights from network function virtualization journeys with Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral, Prodip Sen, HPE NFV CTO, and Aram Cober, Vodafone unpack NFV in action. - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 4:30PM, Capital Suite, Rm 10, Session ID: PNL6641

As companies accelerate adoption of network function virtualization (NFV), they gain valuable insights and experiences that help them quicken time-to-value and more successfully operationalize NFV-based solutions. In this interactive panel discussion, you will learn Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s perspective on the strategies that ensure successful NFV deployment. You will also hear from HPE customers who talk about the pitfalls and recoveries they experienced along their NFV journeys. 

  • Top inhibitors to improving service agility and innovation, and a new OSS strategy to overcome them with Massimo Fatato, HPE WW OSS General Manager - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 4:30PM, Capital Suite, Rm 10, Session ID: BB6614

The agility that NFV promises cannot be monetized unless matched by a similar transformation of the OSS/Orchestration layer to provision and monitor services while spanning physical and virtualized infrastructure. However, several obstacles and challenges arise as we combine management of new NFV and existing deployments. In this session, we will have a closer look at the inhibitors to achieve service agility in the hybrid world – and how a new OSS strategy will allow CSPs to overcome them. 

  • Delivering superior customer interaction and experiences with Join Ron Tapia-Sealey, HPE - Thursday, Dec. 3rd 11:00AM, Capital Suite, Rm 12, Session ID: BB6935

In this session, we will cover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise consultants provided Advisory Services to assess and govern the required transformation, and deploy a solution based on software from Hewlett Packard Enterprise CMS

  • How do CSPs drive IoT business cases forward? Join Nigel Upton, HPE WW CMS IoT Senior Director and Emilio Gandolfi, Innovation and Development Director, Acantho - Thursday, Dec. 3rd 12:30PM, Discussion Forum 3, Session ID: DF6912

For Communications Service Providers, IoT services provides a new growth horizon. Hewlett Packard Enterprise platforms enable CSPs to manage, analyze and monetize IoT opportunities in the Utilities, Automotive and Smart City verticals. In this session, we will go through uses cases of existing deployments and discuss the challenges of ubiquitous connectivity, control and scaling needs of these solutions.


Follow us at HPE Discover London 2015 @HPE_NFV and @HPE_CSP and #HPEDiscover.

We recommend you download the free Discover 2015 mobile app at to browse through our sessions and demos, build your schedule, and get an interactive event maps. We look forward to seeing you there!

Visit our OpenNFV partners at HPE Discover:





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