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"The Journey" - Our First Service Director Film



Author: Rolf Eberhardt, Head of Service Orchestration at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Before shooting off for my first holidays since the launch of Service Director, I wanted to share our first film on Service Director with you. "The Journey" brings the essence of Service Director and its revolutionary new approach to Orchestration to the point: we get rid of complexity. 

With Service Director, the designer does not have to describe (aka code) how a service must map onto other services or resources. He defines the goal. Like a GPS, Service Director will  chose the optimal configuration steps - on its own, based on the model, without human intervention. The science behind it is called Intent-based Modeling; cool stuff, check it out.

Getting rid of workflows kills complexity .... and believe me, we've got enough experience with classic order management and activation tools.

If you turn delivery efficiency into business processes, the result is agilty in service deployment, far greater operational flexibility and thus a cost benefit: and that's what Process OPEX is all about. Infrastructure OPEX improvements (namely NFV) need process agilty and efficiency to develop their full potential.

Service Director's intent-based model covers fulfillment AND assurance providing a cohesive end-to-end view of service operations. 

And once you've got Process OPEX under control, you're able to become a Digital Service Provider. 


Rolf Eberhardt, Head of Service Orchestration at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Want to learn more? Follow us on Twitter at @HPE_NFV & @HPE_CSP

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