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3 ways HPE GreenLake Central makes your life easier

Our intuitive self-service portal and management console for the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform enables you to simplify operations and deliver the right data and services to a wide range of stakeholders.

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By Rajesh Mistry, HPE Worldwide Business Development Leader, Office of the CTO & Software

HPE-GreenLake-Central-cloud-services.pngAs HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform continues to gain IT market share, it’s also gaining mind-share among IT leaders as they become more familiar with the idea of bringing the cloud experience to apps and data wherever they reside. But there’s an important feature of HPE GreenLake platform that might still be a bit unfamiliar: HPE GreenLake Central. Here’s how I often define HPE GreenLake Central for customers: It’s a SaaS-delivered solution that’s the entry point for your as-a-service experience with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and it's included as part of your subscription to the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

It’s built into every offering on the HPE GreenLake platform. It’s part of our HPE GreenLake cloud services, such as our private cloud and machine learning offerings. Think of it as an intuitive self-service portal and management console for the HPE GreenLake platform – a place to access and manage all of the services you’ve subscribed to.

From an IT standpoint, this is where you can apply governance and control. You can onboard your users, you can log support calls. You can learn about your installed solutions and launch into other HPE as-a-service portals, all from a single location.

But we’re very aware that nowadays the need for access to data and services extends far beyond IT. Digital transformation affects every zone of the enterprise. You have Cloud consumers, as I call them, in application teams and database teams. You have data scientists working on AI and ML. You have users in management and finance. They all need data and services, and HPE GreenLake Central is how you enable them to access those resources. HPE GreenLake Central gives them the smooth, seamless user experience and accelerated delivery of resources that they associate with the public cloud. It’s a personalized experience – depending upon who you are and what you do, your HPE GreenLake Central experience is tailored to your role.

HPE GreenLake Central brings a new level of simplicity and efficiency to IT operations. Here are three ways it makes your life easier:

1. Quickly learn about your cloud services and explore new ones. Let’s say you’ve done some cool things with your HPE GreenLake cloud services, and now you want to do more. Or there’s a feature you want to use but you just can't remember how to do it. The user guide is right there at your fingertips. You’ve got everything you need to know to drive the services that you’ve subscribed to. We make it really easy for you to get the most out of the HPE GreenLake platform.

In addition, it’s easy to try out new services. HPE GreenLake Central proactively brings relevant new HPE offerings to your attention: “Service X is now available. Do you want to learn more?” You can click through for an overview, and if you’re interested you can take it out for a spin. For some services, we offer an express trial experience, 30 to 60 to 90 minutes. Or we can set up a longer trial; that could be anything up to 45 days. And it’s all free of charge. It’s a great way to discover new ways to add value to your business.

 2. Eliminate the burden of identity and access management. This is an important aspect of your cybersecurity stance, and it’s often top-of-mind for customers: “How are we going to authenticate our users?” HPE leverages a best-in-class open-source identity and access management platform to lift this load off your shoulders. There’s no heavy lifting; you don’t have to go into active directory and make changes. It’s important to remember that HPE GreenLake Central is SaaS-delivered – there's nothing you need to deploy.

Another question that IT leaders often ask is: “How do I bring on new users – do I have to talk to HPE to do that?” No, you don’t. Your ops folks, or whoever you want to be the administrators of GreenLake Central, have the power to onboard users, classify, and segregate new users.

HPE GreenLake Central ensures that your users have access to the right services. So, for example, here’s Laura, and she’s the head of applications. She doesn't really need to see the capacity planning capabilities in the platform. But her development teams, and Laura herself, need to get to the HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud service to build traditional applications. And they’ll need access to HPE GreenLake for Containers to run Kubernetes on-premises to develop new applications and modernize some of the older systems in the environment. When you onboard a user like Laura through HPE GreenLake Central’s single sign-on experience, all of the roles and privileges are passed down to those services. That's all done for you, saving you a whole lot of time.

3. Get visibility into your entire IT estate, edge-to-cloud. HPE GreenLake Central gives you a central view of what’s going on in your world. You know what your costs are. You understand how infrastructure is being utilized within the data center, in your colocation, or at the edge: “My private cloud is looking good. My compliance status is fine.” With insights like these, you can achieve better financial predictability and control for your on-prem resources.

Plus, stakeholders can easily access the specific data they need, for example for budgeting purposes. The office of the CIO or the CFO might want to know how costs are trending. “What did we just get charged? OK, it's not trending up based on what we've been doing. It looks all right. Let’s send it over for sign-offs.”

HPE GreenLake Central can provide a multitenancy view, displaying the services that have been subscribed to at a specific data center or region. You may have multiple sites or data centers; you can get a different view for each. You can have a regional experience; say, one view for Europe and another for APAC.

The solution also enables you to see what you’re doing in the public cloud. Visibility is crucial for controlling cloud costs; nothing makes IT leaders more uncomfortable than that feeling of “I can't see everything.” Well, what if you have the ability to onboard, say, AWS into HPE GreenLake Central? You can do that. You can bring in all of your public cloud subscriptions, in fact. You've got users who need to see that “outside world,” and others who need to see the inside world. Now you can meet the needs of both.

Bringing IT closer to the business

HPE GreenLake Central is all about removing complexity and giving you the ability to demonstrate value not only to IT management but also to the lines of business. It’s about closing the gap between IT and the business and meeting the needs of all your stakeholders, from data scientists to finance decision-makers.

I’ve outlined just three of the ways HPE GreenLake Central can help you achieve those goals – if you’re interested in learning about more things you can do easier with HPE GreenLake Central, click below to watch a video: 10 Things You Can Do Easier With HPE GreenLake Central



Learn more about HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform – the cloud that comes to you, wherever your apps and data live.

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Raj Mistry is a key member of the World Wide team in HPE’s Office of the CTO & Software, which provides the IP and platform solutions that underpin the aaS strategy of HPE. He is responsible for leading a team of product and business development specialists for HPE GreenLake cloud services. Raj specializes in helping customers adopt cloud solutions across many verticals and regions.

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