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A better way to create and deploy applications: HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud


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 By Junmei Zhang, HPE GreenLake Cloud Services Product Management Team

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies turned to cloud providers to quickly spin up work-from-home and digital workspace resources that were much needed – and rather costly. Now that we’re almost a year into the pandemic, businesses are going back to evaluate what’s working and determine how to optimize the new operation model. Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to. But companies do want an experience that’s comparable to the one they enjoyed with the public cloud.

HPE GreenLake provides the agility and velocity of the public cloud with private cloud services that are ideal for your cloud-native applications and traditional applications. HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud are designed for enterprise customers who need to host applications on-premises or at a co-located data center for various reasons: compliance, governance, security, data gravity, latency, application dependency, cost, and so on. These solutions include hardware, software, and services, fully managed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Benefits include:

  • Hardware and software are pre-integrated at HPE’s factory and delivered to your co-location facility or data center in as little as 14 days. HPE installs and configures the solution.
  • The pricing model is a consumption-based, pay-per-use model. It offers full transparency of usage and costs, and there is no big up-front investment. It’s scaled for your current business demands, but there’s built-in buffer capacity to address any unexpected spikes in resource demand.
  • These solutions are fully managed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HPE monitors and manages usage and performance in real time. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and so on. And since your usage is metered and managed by HPE, we help you scale up your capacity ahead of business growth.
  • HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud provide the cloud experience for your on-premises data center. Role-based access and policy features allow IT departments to flexibly manage access to the resources for different functional teams. The intuitive self-service portal and extensive APIs allow users to quickly spin up VMs. The solution also provides a rich set of capabilities and automation features to orchestrate and manage application lifecycles. This reduces dependency on your company’s IT organization and improves speed and agility to better respond to business needs.

Private cloud services – rich with application management features

HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud not only provide VM infrastructure as a service, they also enable you to easily, flexibly, and reliably create and deploy applications on top of the VM infrastructure. This is a powerful cloud application management platform. Some unique capabilities for application management are:

  • The Instances feature: In many cloud management platforms – for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – an instance is a representative of a singular object like a virtual machine (VM). In HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud, an instance can be a single VM running base OS or can be an application service running in a single VM or multiple VMs. For example, we can have an instance running CentOS 7.9-2009 OS, or we can have a MariaDB database instance with one VM running the database service, or a MariaDB database instance with three VMs running the database service. The instance can automatically scale up or scale down based on auto-scaling policy.
  • The Instance Type feature: An instance is provisioned from an instance type. HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud provide you with flexible ways and configuration options to build an instance type: a base OS image, layouts, scripts, Ansible playbooks, workflows, options types, etc. Your IT department just needs to build and maintain a set of golden base OS images. The application developers then build their own application instance types flexibly, save them to the instance types catalog, and provision applications using the instance type catalog with speed and agility.
  • The Blueprints feature: A blueprint defines the structure of an application. It is structured with application tiers and instance types. A blueprint can have many tiers; for example, a web tier, app tier, database tier, cache tier, messaging tier, and so on. A tier may have a single instance type or a group of instance types. The tiers can be marked as connected so that network communication rules can appropriately be defined. The tiers can also set booting sequence based on application requirement. Blueprints can also be exported as YAML or JSON code and created with the API and CLI. An application is an instantiation of a blueprint. With the blueprint feature, application developers can easily build a multi-tier blueprint using the different instance types. Once you build a blueprint for the application, you can save it to the blueprint catalog in HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud, or export to public cloud. It is very easy to create and deploy the application with reproducibility, either in the HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud environment, or in public cloud.
  • A rich set of automation features, including tasks, workflows, integration with the industry’s various automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Ansible Tower, Salt Master, and so on. Tasks are individual automation elements (for example, an individual Ansible playbook or a script). Workflows consist of one or more tasks. Tasks and Workflows can be integrated with instances and blueprints, and executed at different provisioning phases; for example, run tasks or workflows at the pre-provision phase, provision phase, or post-provision phase.

To learn more about these capabilities and best practices that help you realize the full potential of application management with HPE GreenLake cloud services for private cloud, see our white paper HPE GreenLake for private cloud: Instances and blueprints feature overview and best practices.

For complete step-by-step examples on how to build a custom instance type using scripts, and how to create an application blueprint and instantiate application from a blueprint, see our white paper HPE GreenLake for private cloud deploy a 2-Tiered WordPress application using scripts and blueprints.

For complete step-by-step examples of how to build an application blueprint using Ansible playbooks integration, automation workflows, instance types and layout, see this white paper: HPE GreenLake for private cloud: Utilizing application blueprints to simplify deployment of a multinode application using HPE GreenLake for private cloud.

You can also get hands-on experience with this free trial of private cloud for virtual machines: free virtual machine software

To learn more about HPE GreenLake cloud services – the cloud that comes to wherever your apps and data live – visit

Junmei Zhang is part of the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services business group’s product management team, focusing on bringing our newest GreenLake cloud services to market.

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