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A faster, simpler way to migrate Windows workloads for server modernization

HPE and Corent have teamed up to deliver a packaged migration service for companies that want to update their Microsoft Windows workloads and move them to a hybrid cloud environment.

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by Ron Ross, HPE Advisory & Professional Services Portfolio Management

The past couple of years have seen a big surge in server modernization projects, many of them sparked by Microsoft Windows Server 2008 hitting end-of-life in January 2020. But with the continuing shift to hybrid cloud as the dominant IT model, many companies are realizing that they still have a way to go in building a flexible, modern server infrastructure. While some organizations may still need to migrate from an obsolete operating system, many more are looking for solutions that will enable them to react more quickly to changing business requirements and reduce costs in their on-premises environment. 

Moving Microsoft Windows workloads to a hybrid cloud environment is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to deciding which workloads to move and executing the migration. There are risks to consider, too, for example around potential loss of data and increased pressure on cybersecurity systems and resources. It can be hard to find the right skills in-house to cover everything.

HPE has a long history of providing cloud services to help companies successfully migrate to the cloud. For Windows workloads, we offer our statement-of-work-based HPE Migration Service for Windows Server Modernization, tailored to your specific needs. But we understand that not every company wants to work through a potentially lengthy SOW process to get started on a migration. Many would prefer a more streamlined, transactional approach to get the migration up and running faster. So we teamed up with Corent Technology, a leader in the cloud migration and modernization space, to deliver exactly that.

HPE Migration for Windows Server Modernization Packaged Service is a fixed-price, fixed-deliverable solution that runs on Corent’s best-in-class migration-as-a-service technology, the Corent SurPaaS Platform. It includes HPE expertise, tools and methodologies to identify the right candidates for migration, drive the migration itself, and ensure a successful outcome while minimizing risk. It’s basically a one-stop, off-the-shelf package to accelerate your move to hybrid cloud.

Here’s how it works. We do a quick assessment of your environment for up to 250 server instances, a kind of preliminary scan to figure out the status of your workloads – what needs to be updated, and what should go where. Then we work with you to whittle it down to the 50 best candidates (max 10TB) for migration, and we do deep discovery on those workloads.

Working closely with you, we develop a migration plan, timeline, and proof of concept, and we migrate one workload as a test. When that’s successful, we perform the full migration for you. Finally, we provide testing and validation that the workloads were successfully migrated, and we help you plan for the cutover to production.

This packaged service enables you to:

  • Simplify resource and budget planning because you know up-front what the service will cost. You may want to consider investing in the packaged service as a quick way to gauge the potential results from a more wide-ranging SOW-based engagement.
  • Accelerate the migration process. Our factory approach to migration means that you can migrate workloads quickly and at scale, while streamlining resource requirements and achieving consistent results.
  • Reduce migration risk. We understand that success depends on more than just the technology. Our delivery approach places a strong emphasis on project and transition governance. This involves defining and assigning clear roles and responsibilities, as well as helping you maximize business continuity and implement change management processes. All of which helps to reduce uncertainty and risk during the migration process.
  • Ensure a smooth transition to operation: We conduct a knowledge transfer session with your operations staff before handing over the environment, and we ensure a smooth shutdown of your legacy systems and infrastructure.

Your Windows migration is in safe hands with HPE. We deliver more than 11,000 transformation projects per year, across 80 countries. We’re proud of our partnership with Corent, and we think HPE Migration for Windows Server Modernization Packaged Service is a real breakthrough offering for companies looking to build the agile, cloud-enabled server infrastructure that today’s business conditions demand.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake cloud services and how we help you deliver business outcomes faster with an as-a-service model.

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