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A managed, self-service private cloud with HPE GreenLake: Try it for free!

Here’s an opportunity to experience HPE’s as-a-service model first hand and see how it brings the agility and velocity of private cloud to your on-premises VMs.

By Lucy Owen, HPE GreenLake Product Management Team

It’s true that the astonishing rise of pay-as-you-go, as-a-service solutions for on-premises IT is being driven primarily by their financial and economic advantages – the ability to eliminate over-provisioning, minimize upfront costs, rein in operational expenses, and much more. But a big part of the attraction is the experience these solutions provide – the experience of public-cloud-like speed and convenience, combined with all the control and reassurance of on-prem IT. It can be hard to imagine what that feels like if you haven’t yet ventured into consumption-based IT.

Now you can get that hands-on experience with a free trial of private cloud for virtual machines with HPE GreenLake.

HPE GreenLake free trial 400.pngPrivate cloud for VMs with HPE GreenLake is a managed, self-service private cloud that HPE installs, maintains and operates for you at your location, whether that’s your data center or colocation facility. It’s designed for larger businesses running 250 VMs or more a month. As with any HPE GreenLake solution, we set up the capacity you need based on your current business needs, and we add a buffer to enable you to scale up rapidly when needed. We meter your usage and charge on a monthly basis, and we manage the solution for you.

For the free trial offer, we stand up the infrastructure to run 50 VMs for 21 days (longer if you need it) at an HPE site – you won’t need to find room at your own location. You get to experience:

  • Point and click provisioning. You can spin up virtual machines very easily. You can deploy your apps in VMs with the same ease that you would associate with the public cloud. With HPE GreenLake, the cloud comes to you – HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to all of your apps and data, wherever they live.
  • Near-real-time visibility into consumption and costs. Even though it’s a free trial, we deploy our metering technology so you can see how much you would be spending if you were to invest in the solution. HPE GreenLake Central, our self-service portal and operations console for your entire hybrid IT estate, gives you insight into on-prem capacity, usage and costs. It also enables you to track your public cloud costs.
  • Operational simplicity. We completely take care of the infrastructure through our HPE GreenLake Management Services team. They monitor it, keep it updated, and fix it in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. What you experience is the freedom to turn your mind and resources to business challenges rather than IT headaches.

When you request a free trial, we work with you to determine its scope. We want to make sure the trial accurately reflects your business situation and goals – what problem do you want to solve with this offering? So we work through a process to confirm the stakeholders, define use cases and create the plan. As I mentioned, the solution is designed for larger businesses, and you may want to request a pricing estimate for the full solution before you decide whether you want to do the free trial.

We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to experience consumption-based IT in action! We think you’ll find it a real eye-opener.

For more on HPE GreenLake cloud services for VMs and how we can help your business simplify management and rein in costs, see Don Randall’s post Get the cloud experience for your on-prem VMs with HPE GreenLake.

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Lucy Owen is part of the HPE GreenLake product management team, focusing on bringing our newest GreenLake Cloud Services to market.

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