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Continuous learning has clear benefits for customers: it accelerates business growth, provides teams with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from dangerous cyberthreats, is a crucial part of organizations’ digital transformations, and serves as a means to attract and retain top talent (read more about the value of continuous learning here). In fact, TSIA released a report that “virtual training and certifications” are among the top three practices that companies want to implement to drive “remote employee wellness” along with “flex scheduling” and “different rewards and recognitions programs.” 1

The same benefits of training for customers also apply to HPE partners, who face challenges similar to those of any other business. However, selling continuous learning has additional benefits for this unique group. Here are five reasons training is beneficial to HPE partners.

1.  Selling training boosts your revenue and compensation

Regardless of your customers’ specific technology needs, chances are they need training. Training keeps workforces sharp, engaged, and productive. Plus, there have been great evolutions in training since the days it took place only in designated onsite locations at inflexible times. Now, participating in training is simpler and easier than ever with many options like self-paced online courses, virtual instructor-led sessions, and subscription services. Attach training to your next technology sale as a simple and easy way to generate revenue! And check out your company’s policies on compensation for training sales.

At HPE, there are multiple tiers of benefits for selling training. First, you may get an upfront discount on HPE Training Credits, which customers purchase upfront and use for training enrollments for the duration of their training agreement. Plus, once you complete a sale, you may get a generous rebate with the 2x A&PS compensation scheme. Finally, you may get to claim a reward for yourself with Bonus Points that you earn from selling training: training is eligible for the Engage & Grow program that rewards individual salespeople with Bonus Points for each sale that can be exchanged for VISA cards, gift cards, or products and experiences of your choice.

2. Taking training keeps your skills up to date with courses designed for you

Training benefits you in many of the same ways it benefits your customers. Our partners also need to stay up-to-date on the latest IT topics and emerging technologies—especially if you are going to help customers identify, purchase, and implement necessary solutions to accelerate their digital transformations.

As you are selecting training for yourself, look out for courses designed for partners; some vendors offer partner-specific courses and certifications, and these may be particularly valuable to you. For example, HPE has an extensive list of certifications and courses for partners. Courses range from Selling Aruba Products and Solutions to Creating HPE Scale Out Storage Solutions, and—like courses for customers—come in multiple training formats from which to choose. Certifications are also available in both sales and technical categories and are important for partners. Not only do they represent your mastery of a topic and demonstrate expertise to your customers, but they can also help you qualify for a higher level of channel partner status with additional perks.

HPE also has its subscription-based learning solution that was created specifically for partners, HPE Digital Learner – Solution Partner Edition. It provides unlimited anytime, anywhere access to thousands of eLearning courses covering HPE technologies and related certifications, plus a wide array of industry technology, and business skills training. 

3. Selling training increases customer loyalty and satisfaction

What’s good for your customers is good for you, too. Specifically, training strengthens your relationships with customers, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction. Why? It can help stimulate a positive cycle of growth and development in customers’ organizations. Even the most adept IT professionals may have questions or feel confused when they are faced with the task of deploying, utilizing, or managing new technologies. Training helps them answer those questions so they can quickly get the most out of their technology investments. Without proper training, technologies may not be used the way they are intended or to achieve the best result, and customers may be left unhappy with subpar results.

In addition to fostering better customer relationships, training impacts your bottom line. The results of a TSIA poll revealed companies that have a Customer Success organization and made training a core part of their “documented customer success plan” experienced a median year-over-year (YoY) product subscription revenue growth of 40% from 2018 to 2019 compared to 27.5% for companies that didn’t—that’s more than 12 percentage points! 2

4. Taking training helps you understand its benefits while strengthening your career

Customers want authenticity! They also want credibility—to be confident in the solution that you choose for them. Taking training helps you meet both of these customer needs.

For starters, familiarity with the platform helps make you a more authentic advocate for its benefits. Try out virtual labs for yourself and experience how they build practical, applicable skills! Or, dive into the modular chunks of content.

Moreover, taking courses allows you to become a stronger, more credible advisor to your customer while building your own personal skills—enhancing your value and career prospects. Not only will you walk away with fresh skills and knowledge, you can provide valuable insights on skills and learning necessary to help your customer attain desired outcomes.  By understanding the variety of learning options available, you can more effectively recommend the right training for your customer’s unique culture—from virtual classroom to anytime, anywhere remote learning.

5. Selling training creates a low-touch opportunity to reduce help desk calls and drive future sales

Training spurs increased customer satisfaction because it helps customers be more successful with new technologies. At the same time, it establishes an efficient model for you when it comes to problem resolution: if customers can find answers to their questions through training, they will place fewer calls with your support organization. According to a poll conducted by TSIA, 70% of surveyed companies do not track the impact of training on “call volume into support.” However, out of the organizations that do track this metric, more than 75% report that “call volume into support is lower for trained versus untrained customers.” 3

In addition to establishing a low-touch model, training also helps you reap the benefits of future opportunities. For example, with learning-as-a-service subscriptions, you have the potential to generate predictable revenue through renewals of training. Also, as customers get more comfortable with subscription-based solutions through training, they may be more inclined to renew or upgrade their subscriptions. Finally, training enhances customer loyalty and introduces customers to new products that you can perhaps upsell. Especially on a learning-as-a-service platform like HPE Digital Learner, customers are continuously exposed to products and services that—with the right training—can improve their business outcomes.

Start your free trial of HPE Digital Learner – Solution Partner Edition today.

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Evelyn Ha
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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