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AI in Context: Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture

In a recent post, Beena Ammanath wrote that “the innovations around artificial intelligence are so dazzling that it’s easy to forget that they’re always tied to the silicon.” (Beena is VP of AI, data and analytics practices for HPE Pointnext.) It’s an acute observation; compute innovation underpins all of the recent advances in AI and ML and continues to drive them. I’d expand on Beena’s point this way: For IT pros who really need to understand artificial intelligence – and that means pretty much all of us – it’s crucial to keep a close eye not just on developments in the discipline itself, but also on the innovation environments surrounding it. Because as Beena also wrote, “everything changes together, and it changes fast.”


We at HPE take a holistic view of AI, placing it within the broad context of the most powerful trend in business today: the drive toward the data-driven enterprise. We help companies understand the connections between AI/ML models and big data platforms, data management, data infrastructure, Edge analytics, hybrid IT, and more. We provide the expertise businesses need to create the AI strategy and the business case, select and pilot the right use cases, prepare the data foundation, connect all the key components and operationalize the solution.

HPE Pointnext’s global AI practice include data scientists, data security experts, and AI architects who cover the AI ecosystem end-to-end. Your organization can explore AI through a 1-day HPE AI Workshop, and try out the solution with a proof-of-value service such as HPE Digital Prescriptive Maintenance POV . We can help you implement a modern data infrastructure for your AI project, and we offer the option of a consumption-based model through our on-prem, pay-per-use solution HPE GreenLake.

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Join us in Spain

A great way to keep an eye on the big picture for AI is to join us at HPE Discover 2018 Madrid, coming up November 27-29. You won’t want to miss Beena’s spotlight session “The Future of AI: Culture, Competitive Edge and Memory-Driven Computing” (Session ID: SL6972). In addition, visit our demo area to learn about AI for prescriptive maintenance, smart cities, and image-based quality control (Demo1109). Or check out our Data and AI Experts Center (Demo1209). We’ll also be delivering 1-1 transformation workshops on AI, blockchain and Memory-Driven Computing. See you there!


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