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Add a New MVP to Your IT Team: Your HPE Account Support Manager

By Damon KashtibanHPE Account Support Manager 

When I tell IT folks, friends and colleagues that I’m an HPE Account Support Manager (ASM), it’s not unusual to see a look of puzzlement cross their faces. As IT job titles go, it’s a pretty unusual one, and it doesn’t give a lot of insight into the work I do. The ASM is a key role in the HPE assigned account team of HPE Pointnext Services experts, which is a core feature of HPE Datacenter Care Service, our proactive, personalized support experience. When I think about my job in the broadest terms, it’s really to help customers to be successful, any way I can – but I often like to explain it in terms of football analogies (besides loving my job as an ASM, I’m so excited that it’s NFL season!)

I help companies to:

Build a tough, solid defensive line against datacenter issues

A big part of my job is helping companies protect their IT environments. HPE ASMs, as part of HPE Datacenter Care, help IT organizations play better defense. We tackle datacenter problems as they crop up or, better, we block them long before they can even start to do any damage.

That means covering a lot of routine, but vital tasks. Firmware management is a big one, making sure all the patches are up-to-date to keep threat exposure to a minimum.

If a customer needs a performance analysis on their network or a health check on their storage environment, I can do that, too. I also take a lot of the burden of asset management and contractual management off of IT’s shoulders.

There’s another aspect to this ‘defense’ capability. I keep an eye on the competitive environment and the major IT trends that are impacting your industry. I can help you keep your edge, staying ahead of the competition’s strategies and maneuvers.

Accelerate their drive to success with an agile, adaptable offense

 I work with you to understand your overall IT strategy, and I quarterback your HPE assigned account team to help you press forward. I know what plays to call, and I know what my players can do. If we need to pull in specialized resources, I can call on the deep bench of HPE’s global expertise.

Here’s an example. One of the companies I work with, a healthcare provider, wanted to migrate some of their workloads, including an electronic medical record system, to a hybrid cloud solution. They wanted to partner with HPE on every aspect of the transition. I was able to help the company understand what HPE has to offer in the hybrid realm, as far as consulting services as well as technologies. This was going to be a far-reaching initiative, with positive effects on every aspect of their business. The CIO and other senior leaders had a lot of questions. Would a blade infrastructure be the best choice? What about the storage and networking components? What kind of training and change management strategy would be needed?

We held an executive briefing where I brought in some of our top consultants and experts in the relevant areas of cloud, compute, storage, and networking. We helped the customer design the right level of proactive support for the new systems and infrastructure. Crucially, we introduced the company to HPE Education Services, whose experts work on-site to help employees learn the HPE tools and the new platform, accelerating their progress on the learning curve and smoothing the transition.

This was a major strategic move for this company’s IT organization, and I’m proud that HPE was able to deliver the expertise they needed.

Always in the game

Whatever kind of help my customers need – whether it’s strategic or operational, reactive or proactive – I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they get it. If they need me at a specific location, I’ll jump in my car, or on the next plane or train. I remember one time a customer request came in the day before my birthday. I had the technical expertise that the customer was looking for, and I was the best-fit resource for the request. I canceled my birthday plans, jumped on the next available flight to Arizona and spent the next day working at a location out in the desert to fix the issue.

Speed is everything when you’re helping customers drive towards the end zone in today’s fluid, unpredictable competitive environments. HPE Datacenter Care and your HPE Account Support Manager can help you make the right moves to cover a lot of ground, fast.

To learn more about HPE Datacenter Care and the Account Support Managers, and what we can do for your business, check out the short video below featuring Gerry Nolan, Director of Operational Services for HPE Pointnext Services, and Andrew Mitchell, HPE Datacenter Care ASM.


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About the author:  

profile.jpgDamon Kashtiban began his career in Technology at the age of 15 as a sophomore intern in high school with Hewlett Packard. Damon’s passion for Technology continued to grow throughout college. Damon’s knowledge and exposure of technology gained from his HP Internships resulted in achieving his bachelor’s in Computer Science with a minor in Artificial Intelligence and Business. As a Senior Technical Account Support Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise for over twelve years, he has been supporting a large variety of clients in the Enterprise & Government sectors where he leverages his in-depth business and technical skillsets. Damon resides in Silicon Valley and continues to expand relationships for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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