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Are you underestimating what AI can do for your business? Time to think bigger!

Companies have only scratched the surface of what’s possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here’s how to make the shift from tactical to transformative.

HPE-Pointnext-Services-AI-Digital-Transformation.pngArtificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives have multiplied at a staggering rate in the past few years, delivering strong results in use cases ranging from image recognition to fraud detection, to quality control, to medical diagnostics, to predictive maintenance of equipment.

Businesses have still only scratched the surface of AI/ML’s potential for digital transformation, however. In many organizations, AI projects remain somewhat tentative and tactical. And that’s a pity, because there are few technologies out there that show more promise in revealing new ways for companies to evolve and prosper in today’s data-rich environments.

So how can enterprises put AI to work in order to achieve real breakthroughs? I looked at that question in a recent article: Tactical vs. Transformative: The Changing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation.

Check out the article to learn:

  • Why an edge-to-cloud approach is key to AI success. Companies that make the best use of AI tend to be those that are also more advanced in their digital transformation efforts. An understanding of opportunities at the edge, as well as cloud-enabled business models, can help you outperform competitors.
  • Where the roadblocks lie. Interestingly, finding the right expertise is often a bigger barrier to success than finding the budget. I list the top AI/ML production barriers, some of which will likely sound familiar if you have ventured into AI/ML – like what do you do about measuring RIO? Getting buy-in from senior leadership? Aligning employee goals?
  • How AI-as-a-Service can speed the journey. Companies are looking for deployment flexibility, an end-to-end platform, and rock-solid security for their initiatives. AIaaS fits the bill. I explain how HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform brings you a pay-per-use, point-and-click, easy-to-scale, self-service experience that’s managed for you.

For more on each of these points, take a look at the full article.

HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform and HPE Pointnext Services' Data and AI experts can help you unlock the power of your data with AI-driven business outcomes.  Visit HPE GreenLake for AI/ ML and analytics to learn how we help you advance from pilot to production.

Read how the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework helps you build an operating model aligned to your business goals for AI: Developing and Consuming AI Use Cases Across Edge to Cloud.



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