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Bringing the cloud experience to your apps and data, wherever they live: HPE GreenLake Central

HPE has unveiled an as-a-Service platform that delivers exceptional agility, visibility and control across your entire hybrid IT estate. Find out what all the excitement is about in this short video.

I wasn’t able to make it to HPE Discover More Munich this year, which means I missed out on some of the best bagels and Apfelstrudel in the world … sigh! More to the point, I also missed out on all the excitement around our announcement of HPE GreenLake Central, an intuitive, self-service, as-a-service portal and operations console that helps companies accelerate their business outcomes and reduce costs and risks, while giving them greater choice and control over their entire hybrid IT estate. What I’m hearing from colleagues who were at the event is that there was tremendous customer enthusiasm and interest in this latest addition to our consumption-based IT strategy. One colleague shared the video below, so I was able to catch some of the buzz.

The video is a great overview of what HPE GreenLake Central is and what it can do for your business. As our President and CEO Antonio Neri puts it, HPE GreenLake Central is “the cloud experience that comes to you – to your apps and data, wherever they live” (check out the excerpt from Antonio’s keynote near the start of the video.) He adds: Nobody else can deliver this kind of agility, visibility and control across on-prem workloads and across multiple clouds, all together in one experience.”

You’ll hear a couple of independent industry voices, too: Thomas Meyer, GM and Group VP for IDC Europe, and cloud thought leader Ronald van Loon.

And you won’t want to miss the big-picture thoughts from Jason Newton, HPE’s VP of Global Marketing (jump in at around 3:10). HPE GreenLake’s flexible consumption model is shaking up the industry at large, but it’s also transforming HPE itself as we transition to being an as-a-Service company. Jason describes our future plans to expand the solution: “We’re going to put more services in there to help customers be more successful as they manage across their hybrid estate.” He explains how we will build out our partner ecosystem “to re-envision the full marketplace built around GreenLake Central in a future where customers can access the best of the best directly from there, with one experience.”

You can preview the HPE GreenLake Central experience at our HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud page.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake, our groundbreaking flexible consumption solution for hybrid IT:

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I am the director of marketing for HPE GreenLake and have had the opportunity to work with many HPE experts and colleagues on our as a Service offerings.