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Build Your Dream IT Without the Angst: Expert Guidance for Your Transformation

By Patrick Porto

WW Leader, Product Management, HPE Pointnext

I’m a huge fan of those reality TV shows about home rehabs – you know, the ones where a young couple makes a big investment in revamping their house or apartment. You get to see their problems with the structure in its current state, you see their frustrations and why they want to make changes. You follow along as they plan their dream home and set out to make it a reality.

There’s always a part of the show where they run into some serious challenges (and believe me, it’s realistic – been there, done that!) and you start to wonder if they’ll really be able to pull it off. Maybe there was some unnoticed flaw in the original design that results in an expensive do-over. Or the roofers turn up, ready to put the tiles on, but the roof isn’t completed yet. Or a construction mistake puts a huge hole in the wall, and the budget. Or they do the painting after the flooring, so they end up with a mess all over their brand-new

This bit of the story always grabs my attention, because it reminds me of some of the struggles that businesses often experience as they press forward with digital transformation. The prospect of building a modern hybrid cloud environment is exciting. But converting that vision into reality takes a lot attention to the nuts-and-bolts of getting everything properly designed, set up and operating properly. Whether these are big, complex initiatives with multiple timelines and stages, or focused on a single project, both types of initiatives face challenges from planning to implementation. It’s all too easy for something to fall through the cracks, resulting in time-wasting missteps and expensive reworks.

The right partner with rich expertise delivering many such projects can eliminate those headaches. HPE Pointnext has this expertise and offers a full end-to-end slate of integration and performance services to take your IT transformation, whether big or small, all the way from initial design to fully-functioning reality:

Advise, Design and Transform.

LES PCS services cycle.jpgThe core of any successful project is, of course, the blueprint or the plan. Our technical consultants work closely with you to understand your IT and business objectives and define the plan to meet your business goals. We help you make a case for change, providing solid advice built on our deep understanding of the IT landscape. We build the transformation plan, based on your targeted business outcomes. Once we’ve guided you through this stage, you not only have a detailed architectural blueprint, large or small depending on your project, for your transformation in hand – you’ve already built a rock-solid foundation for your project.


At this point, we move into the hardware phase – the lumber starts to arrive at the site, if you like. Maybe you have a thousand new servers, or even 10, and you need to rack and cable every one of them, load the OS and get it tuned for your business. We help you get that infrastructure installed at blazing speed with minimal disruption, and we work with your teams to help them manage the impact of change.

Integrate, Migrate and Educate.

Construction is now well under way and, just like a general contractor, HPE Pointnext brings deep expertise to quickly iron out any potential integration challenges. We work to make sure that your data is migrated carefully and safely, with no data loss. And we accelerate adoption by providing the educational resources to support your people as they adapt to the new technology, processes and workflows.

Operate and Improve.

At this point your new IT environment is up and running, and HPE Pointnext’s role morphs from general contactor to building manager. We ensure that the infrastructure continues to give you optimal performance. We help you minimize unplanned downtime due to firmware issues, and we keep an eye open for potential security gaps. Plus, we deliver insights and recommendations that can help you enhance your environment, meet and exceed your SLAs, and delight your customers.

Retire and Sanitize.

In an industry that moves as fast as IT, transformation is never a one-off deal. When the time comes to think about your next remodel no matter how small or large, HPE Pointnext can help you prepare the ground by collecting and disposing of old assets while ensuring that your data is safely protected.

Town house or mansion? Both or either.

I want to emphasize that we can help companies at any pointin their transformation. Every business is different, and today your organization’s needs may lie within the deploy-to-migrate zone, and not so much in operate and improve. But tomorrow, you may need to focus on operation and improve.  For another project, it may be the other way around. Doesn’t matter; whatever your needs and wherever you are in your transformation journey, we can provide expert guidance to accelerate your success.

 That said, it’s also true that the foundation needed for digital transformations show a lot of commonality across companies and across industries.  Remodeling a kitchen, building a town house, or designing a mansion---they are all vastly different (take a look here at our digital transformation blueprints). But many of the principles – and even the materials – involved are similar. At HPE Pointnext, our in-depth knowledge of transformation best practices and components enables us to systematize and package our service delivery, resulting in considerable savings for our customers. We at HPE Pointnext have been doing this for a long time – since we started delivering product, we’ve always devoted a lot of attention to helping customers to use it. And we’ve got it down to a fine art.

Everyone loves a happy ending, and of course the TV shows always end with the couple relaxing and enjoying their beautiful new home or remodeled kitchen. The transformation journey is well worth the effort, too. But it doesn’t have to come at the cost of endless hassles, glitches and heartaches when you can leverage the experience of a partner like HPE Pointnext

Keep an eye on this blog; I’ll be doing a deeper dive into each segment of our integration and performance services in upcoming posts.

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