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Building Talent in the Hybrid Workplace

The future of the workplace is hybrid. Learn how accelerating your workforce’s technical and personal skills provides a rock-solid foundation for success through evolutions in the way people work. Also discover different options for training to fit your learning style, schedule, and lifestyle.



What is the hybrid workplace?

Many people have traditionally worked in a cubicle…in an office building…that they commuted to from their homes. Now more than ever, this image seems antiquated as people join meetings and carry out their day-to-day tasks from home offices, socially distanced café seating, and vacation spots all over the globe. What’s more, it seems virtual work environments are here to stay—at least in some fashion. According to Skillsoft’s 2020 Annual Learning report, respondents from around the world—U.S. and Great Britain (over 80%), France (83%), Germany (72%), India (94%), Malaysia (94%), Singapore (90%), and Australia (82%)—want to see pandemic-driven work trends adopted into the post-COVID workplace, including “working from home, flexibility in working hours, attention to physical and mental well-being, or increased family time.”

The global call for permanent change signals the rise of the hybrid workplace: a model that fuses traditional work practices with increasingly normalized remote work practices. In a hybrid workplace environment, employees no longer tie their work to a designated physical location. They can work on-site, but also off-site (e.g. mobile or remote) with ease.

Shifts towards adopting hybrid workplace environments force organizations to rethink the purpose and design of on-site work environments as they introduce remote and mobile work elements. Enterprises and SMBs must implement workforce strategies that support their cultures and sustain—or even improve—productivity while attracting and retaining critical talent. These strategies must consider how to keep productivity high while using virtual collaboration apps, how to ensure that employees working in traditional offices are safe and healthy, how to deliver a seamless employee experience with hybrid digital workplaces, and how to empower employees with the technology skills to thrive in an unfamiliar environment. 

The value of education and skills training

Education is vital to an organization’s growth and success. It helps employees optimize productivity and efficiency—thus driving desirable outcomes—by ensuring that they have the skills to use new technologies, understand current industry challenges, and approach day-to-day tasks. According to IDC,

  • Well-skilled IT professionals contribute to a 56% reduction in unplanned server downtime
  • Those that are responsible for core IT activities are 17% more productive than less-skilled teams
  • Up to 20% of technical skills become obsolete in most organizations each year due to changing technology and processes

As employees transition to a hybrid workplace, they may face unfamiliar work situations when it comes to brainstorming, collaborating, and problem solving. To meet these challenges, organizations can leverage training and continuous learning. Today’s virtual collaboration and learning environments offer significantly more options than their traditional in-person counterparts, allowing organizations to deploy programs that meet individual training preferences while addressing technical and business priorities.  

Training that fits your learning style

HPE offers multiple ways to learn so employees can complete training when, where, and how they prefer. In addition to instructor-led training (ILT), which takes place in-person—in traditional classrooms—with experienced instructors, HPE has online options that are designed to deliver interesting, high-quality training to the safety of your remote location.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) provides live, online classes taught by experienced instructors in virtual classrooms. Just like in traditional instructor-led training courses, students have access to comprehensive course materials and—for select classes—HPE vLabs.  HPE vLabs enable secure, remote access to state-of-the-art equipment so students get hands-on practice and training. Moreover, VILT instructors have a myriad of tools to keep students engaged. With HPE MyRoom, instructors create breakout rooms for 1:1 help and feedback, spontaneous polls to check students’ learning and progress, and collaborative, shareable whiteboards to solve problems or demonstrate a concept. To learn more about HPE MyRoom features and benefits in the VILT environment, read this blog

HPE Digital Learner is a subscription-based online learning platform. During the subscription period, students have unlimited access to thousands of eLearning courses—as well as a vast library of books, videos, practice tests, and more—on HPE technology (servers, cloud, networking, storage), IT industry trends (artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality), and personal development (leadership, marketing, finance). Materials prepare students for more than 65 business, desktop, and IT professional certifications. HPE Digital Learner delivers the right training—anytime, anywhere—at the student’s preferred pace.

Finally, HPE individual eLearning courses cover technology subjects like servers, storage, deep learning, cloud, and VMware. They allow busy IT professionals to acquire or sharpen specific skills at a time, place, and pace that meets their needs.

Not sure which option is right for you? Take our quiz to help you find out. Or, sign up for a 7-day free trial for HPE Digital Learner.

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