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Building a modern hybrid workplace: How these 3 organizations did it

HPE can help you create the future of work while achieving very tangible, here-and-now results.


 Here’s an inspiring way to think about todays’ digital workplace: It’s a “boundary-less environment that leverages modern compute and connectivity to engage, empower and embolden individuals to do more than they could achieve by themselves.” It’s “enabled by ubiquitous connectivity and near-limitless compute powers.” And while remote work is an important component, the environment is “defined not so much by location as by flexibility across a range of tasks, needs and preferences, wherever an employee happens to be.”

The quotes are from a recent post by Rohit Dixit (Reimagining how we work), and together they constitute about the best definition of the hybrid workplace I’ve seen. It’s a vision that businesses have been moving towards for at least a decade – always guided, of course, by the immediate business outcomes they wanted to achieve. The hybrid workplace is the future of work, but it’s important to remember that it delivers very tangible, here-and-now results.

Here are three examples of companies that have seen those results first-hand:

Porsche Informatik: Building a comprehensive digital workplace across all locations. A subsidiary of the largest car dealership in Europe, Porsche Informatik wanted to create a uniform modern infrastructure to support collaboration for its 30,000 employees across 27 countries. HPE Pointnext Services helped the company plan and implement a switchover to the Microsoft Office 365 platform, with its array of productivity tools like Sharepoint, Outlook, OneDrive and Teams. Users got secure, noticeably faster, 24x7 access to data and applications and a “mailbox for life” with 100 GB of volume! IT got a modern, flexible infrastructure with plenty of room for expansion.

One key feature of this story – HPE’s Management of Change services were a big part of Porsche’s success. It’s always crucial to keep in mind the ‘People aspect’ of a big workplace initiative like this one; HPE Pointnext Services can help you ease the transition and drive adoption.

Isala hospital: Creating a consolidated platform for diverse workloads. This leading Dutch healthcare provider turned to HPE Pointnext Services when it wanted a flexible, future-proof platform that could run its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as well as its electronic medical record (EMR) system. HPE Synergy was a great fit for these heavy-duty workloads. Isala was able to simplify administration, cutting maintenance support costs in half. With its VDI solution running on HPE Synergy, the hospital knew that it would be able add NVIDIA cards in the future to support people working on new advances in areas like radiology and nuclear medicine.

Post University: Making higher education available anytime, anywhere. Virtual desktop infrastructure is crucial to this distance learning provider’s ability to provide services to its 9,000 remote students. Check out the video below to learn how HPE and data protection firm CPP Associates helped Post University build the infrastructure it needed to accommodate enrollment growth. A key player here: HPE SimpliVity, our “datacenter in a box” hyperconverged solution.

Forward-looking companies like these show that we’re well on the road to a new kind of workplace – one that will take us as far from the cubicles of the early 2000s as those were from the regimented typing pools of the 1930s and 40s.

To accelerate this change to a hybrid workplace, customers will need to adjust their real estate strategy and modernize and consolidate technology, in particular collaboration tools. They also need to consider the people and the users; to deliver success, the users need to be part of the change and to understand its benefits. Focusing on this will drive a cultural change that can take advantage of the new office environments and technology available.

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