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Couldn’t make it to HPE Discover? HPE GreenLake session replays are now available on-demand

If you missed our premier online event this month, you’ll want to check out these business talks and demos to explore what hybrid cloud and HPE GreenLake can do for your business.

HPE-GreenLake-Discover-Session-Replays.pngHPE Discover 2021 is a wrap, but you can still catch the excitement and experience fresh insights for your business through a wide selection of sessions now available on-demand.

Here’s our full list of thirty-plus HPE Discover Hybrid Cloud sessions. Many of them focus on HPE GreenLake, our breakthrough as-a-service platform. These videos are a great way to learn how HPE GreenLake brings the speed, simplicity and agility of cloud to all of your apps and data, wherever they reside.

As Keith White, SVP and GM for HPE GreenLake, put it in a recent article: “The world is going hybrid, and one of our most compelling benefits is that you don’t have to come to our cloud. We bring the cloud to you. We are facilitating fast, agile, flexible, scalable and simplified experiences so customers can get out of the data management business – and instead focus on leveraging their data to drive better results.” (See Making the Most of Momentum as the Age of Insight Unfolds)

I offered my personal picks for standout HPE GreenLake sessions in a post over at Advancing Life and Work blog: HPE Discover 2021: The Hybrid Cloud sessions you don’t want to miss. That post is now updated with direct links to each on-demand session.

Here’s a couple of sessions that I’d strongly recommend:

Spotlight session:

HPE GreenLake: The Cloud That Comes to You Keith White is joined by industry leaders, customers, and partners in a wide-ranging discussion of the benefits of HPE GreenLake, including increased business resiliency, flexible provisioning, and enhanced data security. There’s also an in-depth look at how the pay-per-use approach can support heavy-duty workloads such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), MLOps, and electronic medical records.

Fireside chat with Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO of Global CSP Sales at Nokia:

Nokia Success Accelerated with HPE GreenLake Cloud Services. Keith and Abhay delve into the many reasons why communication service providers are adopting HPE GreenLake, and why Nokia has adopted an as-a-service strategy.

We also announced some big HPE GreenLake news at the event. Read about HPE GreenLake cloud platform innovations unveiled at HPE Discover, including HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, a cloud-native solution that removes configuration complexity to rapidly deliver multiple cloud services on-demand. Also check out this blog post that unpacks the business benefits of HPE GreenLake Lighthouse. Learn how new HPE GreenLake cloud services help you modernize applications for key workloads and power a range of industry-specific workloads.

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