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Four questions to ask to keep your IT Asset Disposition strategy out of the dark ages

Author: Steven Malmgren, Digital Sales Strategy and Execution, HPE Financial Services

Traditional ITAD services are outdated and no longer effective for managing your end of use IT. There are better options. Sustainability solutions are key to unlocking value from aging equipment to help you accelerate your digital strategy and keep you out of the dark ages.

Is it callous to say that traditional ITAD is archaic? When it comes to ensuring the success of your tech estate, you need to ask tough questions and make tough calls. Knowing when to say goodbye to outdated processes and infrastructure is difficult, but necessary to drive innovation and build a competitive advantage.

HPE20180604039_800_0_72_RGB.jpegWhen creating a strategy for end-of-life IT, many organizations consider looking for an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider. Depending on the size of your IT estate, this can be an “ok” option. But if your goal is ensuring business continuity in the new global landscape, is “ok” enough? When evaluating options and partners, you need to ask a few questions:  

  1. What happens to your equipment once it pulls away on a truck?
  2. Have you adhered to data compliance laws? Can your partner help you ensure your company and customer’s data will not end up in the wild?
  3. The saying, one person’s junk is another’s treasure, also applies to IT assets! Is there residual value in the asset that can help you fund its replacement?
  4. How can you be certain that your IT assets are being disposed of responsibly?

As a global leader in IT financing and with deep technical acumen, HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) has created a strategy to answer these very questions.

Leading the way

I was lucky enough to begin my journey at HPEFS in Andover, Massachusetts, in one of the HPE Technology Renewal Centers (TRC) that processes both end-of-lease and customer-owned assets. The facility is massive (the largest in the world in fact) and it is immediately evident that the team has perfected their craft. Everything has a place and process – asset intake to review, to security checks, data cleansing, warehousing, and packaging. You can see the commitment to sustainability across all of the technology HPEFS has in the TRC. Tech ranges from workplace (laptops, desktops, monitors and more_ – to the data center servers (servers, storage, networking). And not just HPE and HP tech – all tech.  Because, HPEFS not only finances third-party equipment they also provide asset management programs for third party assets in 37 countries that HPEFS serves globally. 

As you can imagine, managing IT assets with secure data on a global scale is a highly complicated task - fortunately, HPEFS is an expert in international data security and environmental legislation. If you want the opportunity to tour these facilities for yourself, I highly recommend the virtual tours here.

With all of these capabilities to manage incoming end-of lease IT equipment, HPEFS created its Asset Upcycling Services solution for customers who want to put their owned IT assets through the same sustainable and secure process. In FY20, HPEFS processed over 3 million multi-vendor assets, totaling over $230M infused back into customer’s budgets as a result. Yes, you read that correctly! If there is residual market value for your IT equipment, HPE Financial Services will return that value to help you fund your next IT project.

Asset Upcycling and the Circular Economy

Although these are all incredible capabilities, one of my favorite things about HPEFS and their Asset Upcycling Services is the commitment to sustainability compared to a typical ITAD. With Asset Upcycling, HPE is committed to a circular approach with all equipment coming back to the Technology Renewal Centers and has found a second life for more than 89% of the equipment received.

The HPE Financial Services Asset Upcycling program is more than just ITAD. It can help you develop a hardware lifecycle strategy that will not only manage your end of use IT, but also fund innovation while contributing to a more circular economy

Look beyond traditional ITAD

There is more use hidden in your assets than you may think. Before you call an ITAD provider, think about your entire asset management strategy and ask the important questions that can help accelerate your digital and sustainability strategies. 

To learn more about HPEFS Asset Upcycling, Visit the HPE Financial Services IT Assets Lifecycle Solutions web page for more details.

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