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The next surge of the containerization wave will tackle the vast amounts of data and apps still tied to physical infrastructure. And it will be powered by HPE GreenLake container services.

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by Katie Lenahan, HPE GreenLake Marketing

Encouraged by the tremendous success of containerization in accelerating software innovation and bringing a new level of portability to cloud-native applications, businesses are eyeing the vast amounts of data and apps still tied to physical infrastructure – whether in data centers, colocation facilities, or at the edge – and wondering if they can achieve the same results there. Results like: write once/run anywhere consistency across platforms and infrastructures; more efficient use of compute; faster updates and enhancements to code; and better protection against cyberattacks (a useful outcome of the abstracting/isolating properties of containers).

Kubernetes, as the standard for container orchestration, has been key to companies’ success in achieving these benefits in the past few years. And it will certainly be central to the next containerization wave, as it rolls out to include non-cloud-native, on-premises apps. But to really tackle those “legacy” assets, you need more than Kubernetes. You need a platform that can simplify container management across the entire hybrid estate. As many companies have found, the complexity increases rapidly as you scale up, especially if you’re managing across two very different environments: cloud-native and monolithic/traditional. In addition, you need a way to satisfy the persistent storage requirements of stateful apps.

Powering the next wave of containerization

In June, HPE announced the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud-native applications. It enables you to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale on any infrastructure – in your data centers, colocation facilities, multiple public clouds, and at the edge. Built on Kubernetes, the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform gives you a unified control plane for both cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps, simplifying and automating management across all of your container deployments. And it’s pre-integrated with persistent container storage to meet the needs of stateful apps.

That’s great news for companies looking to embark on a containers initiative or extend the success of their current projects. But there’s the even better news: you can consume HPE Ezmeral Container Platform as a cloud service through HPE GreenLake. We can deliver a preconfigured platform designed for multicluster, multitenant Kubernetes deployment directly to your data center or colo in as few as 14 days. Because it’s an as-a-service model, you skip the usual big upfront investments and procurement delays. As with all HPE GreenLake services, we set up a buffer of capacity sized to your business needs to get you started quickly. We meter your usage, and you pay only for what you use. You can scale capacity up or down quickly as needed. We manage the solution for you, so you can focus on your next big projects for the business.

With container services through HPE GreenLake, you can:

Modernize traditional apps without costly refactoring. If you can’t do a straightforward lift-and-shift, you might have considered re-engineering legacy apps to make them more portable to the cloud, or to build the upgrades that users and customers need. But refactoring can be slow and expensive. With HPE GreenLake, you can run these apps on containers.

Reduce risk. We build in enterprise-grade security and control with support for high availability, fault tolerance, and resiliency for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Accelerate time to market. Container capabilities are a must-have for DevOps, enabling faster development, testing and deployment of new software products. HPE GreenLake for Containers includes an App Store where developers can find curated images for a range of uses including machine learning, analytics, IoT, and continuous integration and continuous deployment.

If you’d like a glimpse of how HPE GreenLake for Containers works, and what the platform looks like on-screen, check out this interactive guide. It will give you a good sense of how easy it is to deploy, manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters from one dashboard.

The best is yet to come

I mentioned that HPE manages the solution for you. If you’re interested in having HPE manage a broader slice of your IT operations, we can do that, too. HPE GreenLake Management Services can run your IT environment, including apps and workloads as well as infrastructure, from edge to cloud.

Containerization has come a long way in a remarkably short time, but the best is still to come. Delivered via a fully hybrid, consumption-based solution, containers are poised to bring a new level of agility to the heavy-duty databases and workhorse apps at the core of enterprise IT.

If you have just a few seconds to learn more about HPE GreenLake for containers, see this infographic: Accelerating Application Development with Containers.

If you’re ready for a deeper dive, read our solution brief: Modernize On-Premises Applications with a Container Platform Delivered as a Service.

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