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Get the cloud experience for your on-prem VMs with HPE GreenLake

Procuring, deploying and managing infrastructure for VMs can be costly and complex. This new HPE GreenLake cloud service delivers simplicity and speed with a consumption-based, pay-per-use approach.

HPE GreenLake for VMs 450.jpgVirtual machines are pretty much everywhere in IT these days. In the past couple of decades – yes, they’ve really been around that long! – VMs have become the backbone of many companies’ private clouds and a go-to technology for software development and testing. VMs are a powerful way to get more done with the same amount of underlying hardware, and today they support a wide variety of workloads, from security to automatic backups and accelerated disaster recovery.

But while virtualized infrastructure is highly efficient, it’s still infrastructure – and procuring it, installing it and managing it can be costly and complex. At some organizations, it’s not unusual for the procurement process to take 6 to 9 months. Setting up VM-based apps means paying careful attention to performance; workloads vary considerably, and some need more compute, storage or memory to perform well. In addition, forecasting your future needs can be challenging, which can lead to wasteful over- or under-provisioning.

HPE GreenLake for virtual machines, one of the offerings in our recently announced portfolio of HPE GreenLake cloud services, eliminates the headaches by delivering VM infrastructure fast, as a service, on-premises. It gives you the cloud experience for your on-prem VMs. HPE GreenLake for virtual machines is:

Pay-per-use. You bypass the usual big upfront capital investments. HPE’s advanced metering technologies track VM usage, and we charge based on what you use. That means you can more easily control costs and align expenditures to business outcomes. HPE GreenLake’s consumption-based model enables companies to avoid costly overprovisioning, resulting in savings of 30 percent or more*.

Easy to scale. We set up just the right capacity to get you started, and we help you plan capacity so you don’t run out, always with a little extra to handle unexpected growth. You skip the usual long delays in adding infrastructure. HPE GreenLake is quick and easy to stand up: you just choose your configuration – cost-optimized, performance-optimized, or balanced – get your price, place your order, and take delivery in as little as 14 days.

Managed for you. HPE GreenLake includes management and governance services to operate the solution for you. That enables you to free up staff to tackle more strategic projects. HPE experts take care of the details and provide insights to help you control cost and risk, working closely with you to adjust the configuration as your needs evolve.

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Additionally, If you’re interested in a broader approach to IT management or having experts help manage your IT estate, we’ve got you covered there, too. HPE GreenLake Management Services can run your IT environment, including apps and workloads as well as infrastructure, from edge to cloud. Don’t let a lack of IT skillsets hold your business back; HPE can handle day-to-day tasks and keep you up-to-date on best practices. Remote management of your IT assets is definitely a strategy to consider in the current environment, when so many businesses are reassessing their business continuity planning. For more information, check out this IDC report: The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services white paper It’s full of eye-opening findings, including 287% ROI for the solution, 50% faster response to potential security breaches, and 85% less unplanned downtime.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake for virtual machines and how it helps you deliver business outcomes faster.

Our solution brief Virtual Machines Delivered as a Service explains how you can streamline IT operations with HPE GreenLake.

*According to a Forrester Consulting study: The Total Economic Impact of HPE GreenLake, May 2020. See my post: The numbers are in: The business value of HPE GreenLake

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