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Over-provisioning and the operational costs of on-prem compute weigh heavily on IT budgets. With HPE GreenLake cloud services, you get the cloud experience for the best-of-breed compute you need, while tying your spend closely to business outcomes.

Companies tend to be very bottom-line-focused when it comes to modernizing on-premises servers. When Aberdeen surveyed a couple of hundred businesses to identify the top drivers leading them to optimize and upgrade on-prem compute, the most popular driver (46%) was “reduce operating costs” (see Bring the Power of Cloud to Your Compute Environment).

HPE GreenLake cloud services 800.jpgRunning a standard server infrastructure can be a complex and costly experience, and, in the cloud era, it’s one that IT leaders increasingly see as an unnecessary expense. But it’s not the only form of overspend weighing on IT budgets. There’s also the long-familiar twin problems of wasteful overprovisioning and under-utilization, which cut into the returns on IT investments. The Aberdeen report notes that “one of the main reasons that businesses turn to cloud and “as-a-service” solutions is to leverage things like consumption-based modeling and ‘pay as you go’ to both reduce costs and get a better return on their computing infrastructure.”

HPE GreenLake cloud services provide compute that enables you to do exactly that, and a lot more besides. Here’s how it works. We deliver the servers to your data center, edge, or colocation facility in as few as 14 days. Because it’s a consumption-based, as-a-service solution, you avoid the usual upfront expenditures. HPE metering technologies enable us to monitor your usage of the equipment, and that’s what we base your monthly billing on – you pay only for what you use, above a reserve. We install a buffer of compute capacity so your lines of business and developers can spin up resources on-demand. And we manage the solution for you, reducing the complexity for your staffers and freeing them up for other high-value projects.

How much can you save by eliminating overprovisioning? A lot

HPE GreenLake’s pay-as-you-go model can reduce capex spend by up to 40% by eliminating overprovisioning and expenses for technology refreshes, according to a Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact of HPE GreenLake. It also increases IT staff productivity by simplifying data center management tasks such as support, administration and planning, the study notes, “enabling IT professionals to take on a more strategic role of supporting business initiatives.” In addition, it can increase agility, accelerating time-to-market by up to 75%.

I mentioned that we manage the solution for you – I just want to slip in a reminder here that if you want HPE to manage a broader swath of your IT infrastructure in general, we can do that too, through HPE GreenLake Management Services. Check out this IDC white paper for some eye-opening stats on the savings we can help you achieve.

To help you learn more about HPE GreenLake, we’ve compiled all of our on-demand video sessions from HPE Discover Virtual Experience at this page: HPE GreenLake: The Cloud that Comes to You

One video I’d strongly recommend is HPE GreenLake in the fastest place on earth, featuring Erik Vogel, our VP for Hybrid Cloud Software and Services.

Read more about how HPE GreenLake brings the modern cloud experience to your on-prem environment with elastic compute capacity in a pay-per-use model.

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