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HPE GreenLake: A resource to tap during the Great Resignation

In a tight skills market, the loss of key talent often means that transformation projects are put on hold. HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform helps you optimize your resources and keep the momentum going.

HPE-GreenLake-cloud-services-Great-Resignation.pngWhile the Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022 continues to affect all industries, it’s exerting a particularly harsh impact on enterprise IT. Every time a seasoned tech worker leaves, it puts more pressure on leaders to meet the everyday tech needs of the whole organization. When resources are tight, the transformation projects that are critical to an organization’s competitiveness tend to get put on hold.

What can leaders do to keep transformations moving forward? They can, of course, try to replace the workers who leave, and keep things rolling. But that’s getting more difficult. The already tight IT labor market is getting more competitive by the day. Even if HR departments manage to fill open jobs, new hires often come with limited expertise and require months of training to get up to speed.

The other options involve asking for help from outside. An organization that’s undergoing staff churn can go to a systems integrator (SI) to manage a whole transformation project. Or, it can hire a consulting firm with a template for a project and supply the staffing itself to get the project done. Or it can engage with a firm that provides a blend of the two approaches – pay-as-you-go infrastructure, the technology expertise to manage it, and highly scalable capacity for the transformations that the organization can’t afford to mismanage.

That third ‘outside’ option can best be delivered through a flexible model like HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. HPE GreenLake cloud services deliver the cloud experience wherever workloads live – on premises, at the edge or in colocations. HPE GreenLake platform is known as “the cloud that comes to you.” It’s positioned perfectly to optimize companies’ resources at a time when they’re being pushed to the limit by ever-increasing challenges posed by the ongoing Great Resignation. (See: What is HPE GreenLake?)

How the options stack up

The SI and consultant models can work in the right circumstances. Systems Integrators tend to do well designing projects and scoping out visions, but they’re expensive. They can cost 3-5 times what a full-time equivalent (FTE) worker does, and they don’t tend to guarantee outcomes. Consultants, meanwhile, offer models, templates and prescribed lists of skill sets that organizations need to hire in order to execute on transformation projects. If organizations can’t hire fast enough, adoption projects screech to a halt.

That leaves the third choice: Partnering with a vendor that has the technology and the skills to deliver it. Organizations won’t pay SI rates, but they’ll get the technical expertise they need from a firm that’s been implementing and integrating technology on-premises for several decades.

HPE GreenLake platform merges what were traditionally separate worlds – on-premises infrastructure and the cloud experience. It brings that cloud capability to wherever your data, applications, infrastructure and people already are. It gives cloud-like agility, velocity and tool sets in a place where it can meet the organization’s security requirements. And, like infrastructure in the public cloud, it’s managed for you.

If you can’t shift workloads to the public cloud – if you’re in a regulated field or if you’re simply not ready to move – the HPE GreenLake platform is a great option. You don’t have to worry about, say, hiring a bunch of Kubernetes engineers. Complex systems like VMware, Splunk or SAP HANA are managed for you, and you’re free to focus on building applications and analytics on top of the infrastructure. HPE’s advanced metering technologies track your usage of the infrastructure, and you pay based on what you use. Our experts work with you to help you plan and adjust capacity to achieve the outcomes you require.

Accessing the expertise you need

For organizations that are struggling to hire talent, what this means is that they can tap into HPE’s broad and deep expertise in containers, analytics, data science development, or whatever the need may be. They can “hire” a team that understands the needs of the business and can manage high performance computing solutions, for example, rather than having to hire the many engineers that it might take to run those systems. (See: HPE GreenLake for High Performance Computing). The resources they already have can be upskilled into new roles that provide additional value. (See our portfolio of HPE GreenLake cloud services)

Let’s take another example: To adopt hybrid cloud, organizations need to have seasoned resources who will be able to help them avoid pitfalls. This is particularly true when it relates to operating models and data. Anybody can spin up app-dev in the cloud, but it’s this next set of workloads related to data and analytics – and figuring out an operating model to scale that for the organization – that takes seasoned resources. Those seasoned resources are hard to come by.

Hybrid and multi-cloud services from HPE GreenLake can deliver that cloud success. We have a services team that meets customers where they are in their journey. We will deliver the cloud experience based on your business needs, and you won’t have to overthink the operating model.

As IT organizations are being pushed to work with the business on delivering value, they now have a choice that doesn’t involve just heading to the public cloud. There’s a hybrid deployment solution that takes a lot of the burden off of hiring or contracting with large teams of people to engineer key projects. There’s an experience that allows businesses to deploy the solutions they need to keep transformation projects moving forward during challenging times.

With HPE GreenLake cloud services, you can access the right technology and the expertise you need to manage complex application stacks so that you can focus on continually adding value to your business.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform and how it helps you modernize your applications and data, wherever they live.

Matt Maccaux
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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As Global Field CTO for HPE enterprise software solutions, Matt brings deep subject-matter expertise in big data analytics and data science, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT as well as cloud, virtualization, and containerization technologies.