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HPE GreenLake: The smarter route to SAP S/4HANA

Now you can get the benefits of SAP’s in-memory computing platform delivered in HPE’s self-serve, pay-per-use model.

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As traditional ways of working evolve, volumes of data grow and faster reporting become imperative, we at HPE are dedicated to bringing customers the solutions that help them develop lasting competitive advantages in the digital era.

SAP S/4HANA, the real-time ERP suite built to take advantage of the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform, provides the foundation for a successful digital transformation. In addition to actionable insights that enhance decision making, it can add agility, efficiency, and cost savings to an enterprise.

SAP S/4HANA can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud (on-demand) for companies of all sizes and industries. The model the organization chooses for embracing a complete digital transformation will likely depend on the level of security it needs to meet compliance standards and on the preferred cost structure.

According to IDC, despite the growth and adoption of public clouds, 70 percent of applications remain outside of the public cloud1. What we are seeing is that the cloud is becoming increasingly popular, but on-premises implementations retain a vital role. Organizations want to leverage the flexibility and economic advantages of the cloud, while maintaining security and control as high priorities. Data sovereignty is crucial.

We now live in a consumption-driven world
The digital transformation has impacted the way we live and work. From music to retail, or, from news to travel, people consume services differently in the digital world: they press a button and they quickly get the outcome they want. What we are seeing in IT is not much different. Two routes to transition to S/4HANA that meet those expectations are: HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition, offered by SAP, powered by HPE GreenLake. 

  • HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service offering that brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere. HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA is a complete, pay-per-use infrastructure solution. It includes an on-premises appliance with the operating system and services that businesses need to meet their workload availability and performance objectives. Designed, implemented, and managed  by HPE, HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA delivers the performance, security, and control required for demanding mission-critical applications. And unlike other cloud-based cloud offerings where the provider decides when the customer gets application updates and which version must be run, HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA allows control when specific application upgrades are applied.  A smart route to SAP HANA, right?
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition is SAP’s direct response to customers wanting to keep their SAP software landscape and data on-premises while gaining the benefits of a public-cloud experience that is subscription-based. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is one of SAP’s private managed cloud deployment options that helps customers to accelerate the adoption of SAP S/4HANA. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition is delivered as a turnkey, OPEX, cloud subscription offering, that is available through SAP. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition, features an optimized architecture comprising secure, high-performing infrastructure, including compute, storage and networking technologies certified and pre-configured for SAP software. 


Yes, having the best of both worlds is possible
San Vicente Fundación Hospital is a private, non-profit healthcare institution in Colombia. It is a leading healthcare services provider in Latin America and one of Colombia’s most recognized medical institutions. As demand for its services from local and foreign patients surged, the hospital had to modernize its operations and streamline its processes. The existing IT platform, in use since 2011, could no longer keep up with the hospital’s requirements and complex services. Response times were slow, failover took too long, and scalability was limited. The need to comply with data protection rules only increased the urgency to update the hospital’s technology.

After careful consideration, the hospital decided to work with HPE to achieve digital transformation and improve the organization’s compliance. HPE proposed HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA, the on-premises, pay-per-use solution that runs on SAP-certified HPE hardware that is optimized for speed and scalability.

The on-premises solution met San Vicente Fundación Hospital’s compliance requirements, allowing them to keep users’ personal data within the hospital.

With the HPE infrastructure for SAP HANA in place, more than 3000 staff members at San Vicente Fundación Hospital now enjoy the ability to access and generate data in real time. Queries that previously took around 900 to 1000 milliseconds now take approximately 300 milliseconds. San Vicente Fundación Hospital has moved its backup and recovery systems, and more than 130 of its virtual machines are now under HPE GreenLake.

Solutions for S/4HANA that are greater than the sum of its parts
Regardless of the migration route, the task of creating the ideal roadmap to transition to SAP S/4HANA requires a partner like HPE that has proven to deliver all that SAP HANA offers. HPE’s leadership in SAP HANA system deployments, by a wide margin2, is driven by HPE’s deep understanding of in-memory computing and the fact that it has over 34,000 customers running SAP HANA on HPE systems. The accumulated experience provides HPE with the necessary knowledge to guide customers down the best possible path aligned with their business needs.

With HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA, HPE offers a way to consume SAP HANA with less complexity and risk, and lower TCO. It is a complete solution that provides agility, control over costs, performance, reduced latency, and improved data sovereignty. On top of that, customers can pay as they grow in the SAP environment. The customer edition of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud delivered with HPE Green Lake allows businesses to run SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud in their own data centers with a flexible subscription-based, as-a-service model. SAP's decision to partner with HPE speaks volumes of SAP's confidence in HPE's expertise. 

Learn more about SAP HANA services from HPE GreenLake.

Why choose between on-premises and on-demand IT to migrate to S/4HANA when you can have both?

1. IDC Cloud Pulse 1Q20 Survey Findings, May 2020
2. How to Select Your Optimal SAP HANA Systems Vendor. (Registration required to download.)


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