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HPE GreenLake by the numbers: Forrester study quantifies the savings and business benefits

The analyst firm’s Total Economic Impact study presents some eye-opening stats on a range of metrics, including reduced TCO for infrastructure and operational cost savings.

HPE-GreenLake-cloud-services-hybrid cloud-Forrester-report.pngTo cloud … or not to cloud? For many years, that was the fundamental question facing IT teams as they considered ways to build, operate and regulate their infrastructure – and ‘cloud,’ of course, generally meant public cloud. But with the rise of hybrid IT and the explosion of data at the edge, companies are looking for ways to break away from that either/or. And they’re finding it in HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, a flexible and secure platform that enables businesses to harness their data wherever it resides, whether it’s in data centers, in colocations, or at the edge.

If you’ve been tracking the growth of this new approach and wondering what it can do for your business, here’s a great resource – a newly updated Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact of HPE GreenLake. The report, commissioned by HPE, examines some of the key cost savings and business benefits, using a ‘composite organization’ model based on interviews with enterprise IT leaders. The results are pretty eye-opening. For example, Forrester’s modeling found that the HPE GreenLake platform reduced total cost of ownership for infrastructure by 45% and enabled operational savings of 65%.

The report even offers some dollar amounts for benefits for the composite organization. For example, for “faster time-to-market when deploying global IT projects,” Forrester estimates a 3-year total risk-adjusted benefit of around $25.6 million.

I won’t reveal all of the findings here; if you’re interested it’s definitely worth clicking through to the full report. I’ll just add that, scattered throughout, you’ll find some great insights from the IT decision-makers that Forrester talked to. Here are a few snippets:

CIO of a government agency: “The whole analog process of having to go get a PO cut to get the storage and compute that you need, wait for it to hit the floor, coordinate provisioning with field engineering to deliver and install – those are activities that would take months even in the private sector. That is now gone and built into my buffer. When I do scale, it’s an automated process with HPE. I turn it on and it’s on.”

Director of Global Infrastructure, Operations: “HPE GreenLake has been a never-ending value generator. It’s not a one-time shot; we’ve invested in more than hybrid infrastructure. This is a partner.”

Head of Engineering and Computing Services: “We have flexibility with a buffer for storage with HPE GreenLake. I have 50 TBs available when I need them, but I don’t pay until I use it. Normally we would have to buy that hardware ahead of time.”

At around 20 pages or so, this is a quick read, and it packs in a lot of information that will be of real interest for anyone looking for what the report calls “a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of HPE GreenLake on their organization.”

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