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HPE Return-to-Work Solutions: Guarding Workers’ Health with the Power of the Intelligent Workplace

HPE offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions – including fever detection, and augmented reality and visual remote guidance – that enable companies to safely reopen and resume operations while rigorously protecting employees’ health.

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Like many business leaders around the world, you may be ready to consider bringing at least some workers back on-premises – but only if you’re sure you can protect their health in today’s still-challenging environment. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to investigate HPE’s new portfolio of return-to-work services, which we announced in June. There are five of them – predefined package solutions that enable you to move quickly to accelerate your recovery. And time is certainly of the essence as businesses push to emerge from COVID-19’s impacts.

HPE return-to-work solutions are joint offerings with our ecosystem of partners, based on HPE compute and Aruba network technologies. I described a couple of the solutions in a previous blog: Reconfiguring the workplace for a safe return to work: New solutions from HPE. Here I’ll cover two more, our offerings around fever detection, and augmented reality and visual remote guidance.

Before I dive into the details, I want to re-emphasize a point I made in the earlier blog. These are solutions that depend on Internet of Things technologies, and for organizations that are not familiar with IoT they may at first glance seem a bit intrusive. But IoT systems have demonstrated their effectiveness in a wide range of occupational health and safety applications, ranging from monitoring air quality to preventing industrial accidents. Adapting them to preventing the spread of a virus is an innovative step, but it is not a revolutionary one.

A good way to think about HPE return-to-work solutions is to see them as making the digital workplace smarter in a COVID-19 context. In fact, they are offered as an extension to the HPE Intelligent Workplace and edge technologies portfolio. HPE has a profound depth of experience and expertise in integrating physical workplaces with the digital world; indeed, we were recently recognized as a leader in worldwide digital workplace services (see HPE recognized as a global leader in all three areas of Intelligent Edge Services.) HPE return-to-work solutions bring the power of that expertise and experience into integrated solutions to speed your recovery and enable business continuity.

The focus is, absolutely and always, on protecting your people. Here are two ways we enable you to do that:

Fever detection. This is a non-intrusive, low-touch solution that leverages thermal cameras, machine learning and video analytics to detect and trace body temperature. It detects elevated body temperatures and proactively alerts employees and staff, enabling you to keep workers safe and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Sophisticated algorithms enable the system to rule out false positives (for example, when an employee comes back into the facility after taking a short walk outside when the weather’s hot.)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Remote Guidance. Post-COVID, you are going to be operating in an environment where there's a lot more distance between people, and not everybody can be on-premises at the same time. People will be tackling a wider range of tasks, and they may be less familiar with them. So how do you support them in those new roles? How do you help your workers to be as efficient as they were before – if not more efficient?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual remote guidance (VRG) technologies remotely enhance on-site workers capabilities. AR provides input through a wearable; by providing digitized 3D visuals of a system or machine, a remote employee can identify a problem, such as a broken gas or water valve on a factory floor, and request repairs. VRG enables on-site workers hear and talk with the remote workers and collaborate with them to perform complex maintenance operations remotely.

Solutions to fit your budget

We understand that budgets are stretched thin right now. HPE return-to-work services are easy to own, because they leverage HPE GreenLake cloud services, our as-a-service, pay-per-use subscription model for on-prem infrastructure. We also offer a wide range of flexible IT financing and asset lifecycle solutions to you can leverage right now to support today’s needs and position your company for future success.

Check out this infographic for a quick overview of our return-to-work services and how HPE Pointnext Services can help.

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