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HPE’s reimagined digital customer experience: What to expect and how you can try it out right now

HPE Pointnext Services is modernizing customer support and services interactions with a re-imagined digital customer experience, developed from your feedback, that will empower customers with the independence they need to solve IT challenges faster.

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In a recent blog post, my colleague Gerry Nolan shared HPE's vision for next-generation services, and explained how HPE Pointnext Services will help you increase IT efficiency, improve performance and free up your time to focus on ways to drive your business forward (see Building the IT operations experience of the future).

A key piece of that vision is empowering our customers with the independence to solve their IT challenges faster. We are taking a crucial step in delivering that vision beginning this fall with a re-imagined digital support experience. The new experience was developed with feedback from customers just like you.

The vision is anchored by four key elements:

1. Personalization – Personalized interactions, driven from your profile and preferences to orchestrate information and activities, in order to drive a tailored support and services experience

2. Self-Solve – Automation used to dynamically recommend the right information and reduce the time to find product and support knowledge

3. Enhanced Self-Service – Streamlined guided support and services activities, such as case and parts management, enable you to perform critical tasks independently, ensuring faster time to resolution

4. AI Insights – Applied intelligence will augment your digital experience and enable a predictive support and services journey with insights to drive specific actions that result in better business outcomes.

I’ve outlined a robust vision that we will continue to deliver over time, but what does this mean for you right now?

The digital customer experience starts with a new customer engagement platform . The platform includes a personalized workspace, streamlined digital case management, and a new virtual agent to perform guided troubleshooting. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • An easy-to-navigate workspace that recognizes who you are and your linked assets

- Machine Learning to optimize knowledge and download recommendations for you

- Personalized task alerts to notify you of critical actions

  • A case management tool that enables easy case creation, with visibility to all case correspondence

- Choose from a geographic or list view of cases

- Clearly view case status and awaiting actions

- Attach log files to cases to effortlessly transfer data critical to solving your case (up to 2GB)

- Receive tailored solution recommendations to solve issues faster, often eliminating the need to create a case

  • An intelligent virtual agent to help you troubleshoot, check contract, warranty, and case status

- Troubleshooting for 3PAR and HPE ProLiant products

- Seamless transition to a live agent, if necessary, with conversation history intact

- Ability to check your contract and warranty status on linked products

The new digital customer experience has our customers at the center. Our goals are to simplify complex operations to help you gain independence with enhanced self-serve tools, and to help you achieve faster resolutions from a personalized service experience, delivered by resources who know your goals and preferences.

I invite you to visit HPE Support Center (HPESC), click on the banner and try the new experience today.

Watch this demo to learn more about the new digital customer experience current and future capabilities.

Mark Arnold
VP, Digital Customer Experience
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Mark Arnold is the Vice President of the Digital Customer Experience for HPE Pointnext Technology Services. He is focused on the creation and deployment of industry-leading customer service and support capabilities via digital channels including portal, social, mobile and telephony.