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Help at Every Stage of the IT Lifecycle: HPE Integration and Performance Services

By Patrick Porto, WW Leader, Integration & Performance Services/Channel

Are IT refresh cycles still accelerating? A few years back, I remember, Intel was calling for businesses to move to a two-year cycle for server renewals. That idea doesn’t seem to have gotten much traction. Most companies seem happy enough to plug along with a four- to five-year schedule, except when they’re nudged by some major change, like the massive, ongoing switchover to Microsoft Windows 10.


That said, for many of the IT folks I talk with, it certainly feels like IT lifecycles are speeding up. To a large extent, that’s because they’re working at full stretch to keep up with a growing list of demands over and above the usual software/server upgrades and other keep-the-lights-on activities. To name a few ways IT is stretched and could use some help:

  • Moving to a modern infrastructure with increased automation and agility. Companies are looking for ways to handle operational costs and processes more efficiently, address growing skills gaps, and ensure adherence to the latest security and compliance requirements. They’re turning to software-defined and composable infrastructures that can simplify deployment of IT resources and workload configuration, and consumption-based solutions that deliver on-premises infrastructure with a cloud-like, pay-as-you-go billing model.
  • Leveraging a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. For most organizations, achieving the optimal IT operating model means finding the right mix of cloud resources for their apps and data. But the move to hybrid cloud comes with its own operational challenges (which HPE Pointnext services can help you meet – see this post from Eric Vogel, our VP for Hybrid IT: Your Best Hybrid Cloud Now: Find it Fast with HPE Right Mix Advisor)
  • Accelerating development with new technologies. With the help of DevOps methodologies, companies are looking to accelerate development releases from regular monthly or quarterly cycles to a continuous stream of innovation.

For businesses that want to realize the benefits of IT modernization faster, while reducing stress and strain on IT operations, HPE Integration and Performance Services, delivered by HPE Pointnext Services, provide the technical and operational expertise to enable your organization to achieve the maximum value from its infrastructure and technologies, no matter where you are in the IT lifecycle journey.

A virtuous circle: the IT lifecycle transformed

I offered a quick overview of these services in an earlier post (see Build Your Dream IT Without the Angst); here I’ll go into a bit more detail about each one and what it can do for your business. Bear in mind that we can help you at any one of these IT lifecycle stages, or a couple of them, or all of them – your choice.diagram.pngHPE Integration and Performance Services help you:

Keep pace with change. IT innovation is constant, but where do you start, and how do you cope with the disruption? Our Advise, Design and Transform services help you build the case for change and define solutions to your IT and business challenges. We connect you with a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from software to storage, from AI to IoT. We work with you to build your transformation plans and architect the right designs. Our Management of Change (MoC) services and Education services help you assess your current skills levels and design training programs to smooth user adoption of new technologies.

Achieve faster time-to-value. Our Deploy services help you get your solution up-and-running quickly so you can achieve your ROI faster. We start by helping you determine which level of deployment service you need. With HPE Factory Express, we provide pre-built, pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-integrated equipment direct from the HPE factory. With Onsite Deployment, we install the technology at your location, overseen by an Installation Project Manager. If our standard services don’t meet your needs, we can collaborate with you to develop a custom Statement of Work deployment.

Ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption. In the Integrate and Migrate segment, our experts work with you to introduce the new technology into your current environment and migrate critical data safely. We can also help you with relocation of IT equipment (both HPE and non-HPE). In addition, our MoC and Education services specialists can provide stakeholder management, skills gap analysis, and training programs tailored to your needs.

Get the most from your IT estate. Our Operate and Improve services help you get the best performance from your current infrastructure and resources so you can stretch your budget further. We offer Assessment, Health Check and Performance services that provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to help you maintain and enhance performance. We also offer Optimization Services to help you maintain availability and interoperability; ITSM Services to address your people, process and technology requirements; and Education Services to help your people keep their knowledge and skills up to date. In addition, we can provide onsite HPE Pointnext technical resources who can help with projects as and when you need them.

Keep your data safe. When the time comes to decommission elements of your infrastructure, our Retire and Sanitize services can help you do so while fully addressing the security risks. We can help you safely dispose of or recycle equipment, and even in some cases recapture any residual value, while ensuring that your customer data cannot be compromised.

With the hybrid cloud, big data, AI and IoT waves still unfolding, it’s unlikely that the transformational pressures on IT will ease up any time soon. If your organization is among the many looking for a helping hand, HPE Integration and Performance Services may be the answer.

Watch this short video about HPE Integration and Performance Services.

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Want to talk to our experts? Come visit us at HPE Discover 2019 to know more about how the HPE Pointnext experts can help enable your organization to achieve the maximum value from its infrastructure and technologies.



Patrick Porto leads our WW Packaged Solutions offerings team, both direct and channel business, focusing on our Integration and Performance Services portfolio.

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