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How building skills can help you stay calm and focused in troubled times

Keeping skills fresh, relevant, and in-demand is a recipe for survival in the new normal -- and Learning as a Service (LaaS) is a great way to do it. Now you can get a free 7-day trial subscription to HPE Digital Learner.

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During troubled times, we’ve all experienced the strain of life’s disruptions and felt drained by our efforts to function in a chaotic situation. Whether we’re seeking a new role or adjusting to changes in a current job, we all want to feel more secure in our careers.

We can take a lesson in adaptability from mountain climbers, and preschool teachers. To be successful, we have to stay calm and adjust to our new circumstances quickly. In many cases, when presented with a new normal, we do just the opposite. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt take control of our minds and we freeze—it’s just human nature. The key is to intentionally choose how we will adapt and come out on the other side better than we were before. I invite you to acknowledge your involuntary biological responses—you’re only human—and then lead yourself to a more focused state of mind.

During troubled times, when so many things are beyond your control, choosing to grow is a vital act of self-empowerment. Here are some strategies that will serve you:

Remember that knowledge is power

Grow your intellectual capital. You have the power to increase the skills you bring to the table—even if that table happens to be in your living room.

Identify your skill gaps

Consider the technical skills you have right now and whether they are relevant in the new normal. If so, find ways to strengthen them. For example, ask yourself if you’re fully utilizing all the features of the technology tools you’re already using. When you first started using this technology, maybe you hit the ground running and didn’t take the time for a full ramp-up training. If you were asked to drive all the features of your current tech tools, would you be prepared? If not, then dial up your expertise and shore up your career relevance.

Notice people who are thriving in your field and take note of their skill set. Also, be aware of people who are succeeding in your next-level role and of the skills they are using. These are skills you can choose to learn. You may already have in mind some new skills that you would like to learn.

Choose self-paced learning

By choosing self-paced learning, you ensure that your time is your own. You can structure your learning time in a way that best suits you.

Learn in community

Choose online learning that gives you a way to learn in community. According to social psychologist and neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman, our brains are wired to connect, and we feel happiest when we are connecting with a tribe. Give yourself the brain boost of online learning in community. Your fellow learners can learn when you share your questions or viewpoint, and you receive the benefit of questions and answers from your online learning community.

Show off your new skills with a digital badge

Look for courses that give you visible acknowledgement (e.g., a badge) so you can show off your new skills. Digital badges are usually earned as part of taking a course and passing the assessment or exam. In many cases, digital badges can be easily posted to sites—such as LinkedIn—for colleagues, peers, and other employers to see your unique qualifications. This can help boost your value within your company and increase your desirability for prospective employers.

Consider leveraging Learning as a Service, the model for online learning in the new normal

Learning as a Service (LaaS) takes the best of technology, forward-looking industry trends, and personal development training, and cuts it all up into bite-sized modules for efficient consumption. Because LaaS is a subscription and includes e-Learning—meaning you can do it from your personal PC at home—you can learn any module, at your own pace, when, where, and how you like, with access to refreshed content year long. You can even attend a live virtual instructor-led class for some real-time community collaboration and live interaction with instructor subject matter experts. LaaS also offers options for in-person training events and hands-on experience in virtual labs.

LaaS is the continuous learning channel that closes the skill gap in real time by providing the latest training when you need it and in a manner that keeps you connected with others—all with a simple and economical subscription-based approach.

Focus on a positive outcome

Nothing propels you forward like rehearsing a good outcome. Instead of imagining everything that might go wrong, imagine how great it will feel to reach your goal. Imagine how confident and empowered you will feel when you put your new skills into practice and show up well equipped to serve.

Remember: action is the antidote to anxiety

Taking action is an antidote for stress. You can channel the same amount of energy you could have spent worrying, transforming that energy into positive action and working toward the meaningful goal of strengthening your skills.

HPE is here to help

To honor your commitment to growing your skill set and choosing personal growth during challenging times, HPE is offering a 7-day free trial subscription to HPE Digital Learner, our anytime, anywhere elearning program. In minutes, you can access exclusive training on HPE technology; some of the hottest topics in IT (such as Blockchain, security, and DevOps); and a vast library of over 4,500 personal development courses on project management, finance, leadership and many more topics.

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